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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Success Using Patient Newsletters

Patient newsletters are just one of the many ways that you can do online cosmetic surgery marketing for your plastic surgery practice. Here are 5 ways to use newsletters to help increase traffic to your website, get more patient referrals, and bring your existing patients back in to your office.

3 Benefits of Email Marketing

Email is a tool that lots of people use on a regular basis. I know I check my email multiple times a day. And guess what? So do your potential customers. If you do not use email marketing in your business, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

An Insight Into an Email Marketing Service

Email marketing is definitely the in thing when it comes to online brand building. If you want a professional to handle this type of marketing then what you need to look for ideally is an email marketing service provider. There are hundreds of companies over the internet who offers different types of internet marketing services but finding the right one is often a difficult job.

How List Segmentation Can Backfire If You Are Not Careful Who Receives Your Emails

Segmenting your list is a good practice. Segmenting it correctly could mean the difference between a campaign that is successful and one that is not.

Why is Proper List Management So Important to an Email Marketer?

The opt-in list is a vital component of any email marketing campaign. However, the manner in which you manage this list is even more important.

Will Video Make the Email Star? Definitely

Every so often there is a new, hot topic in email marketing. Many of these hot topics are adopted widely and eventually become commonplace across the email marketing industry. Some past examples include the ‘view online’ header link, forward-to-a-friend functionality, and social media links. The latest hot topic in email marketing is video.

eMail Cash Project

eMail Cash Project can be considered to be one of the latest online business and money making opportunities available to people. This project is essentially a course in email marketing, wherein you have to build a subscriber list and then send people on this list offers for basically building a subscriber list and then sending them offers for which you are an affiliate for.

Why is it Good to Tell a Customer How Often You Will Send Them Emails?

Most internet marketing professionals agree that the opt-in list is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. Once people sign up, they are far less likely to report you for spam as they have willingly provided their contact information.

Email Marketing – How Do You Make Sure That Your Subscribers Are Opening Your Emails?

For an email marketer, the most difficult thing to do is get your subscribers to read your emails. Your targeted leads can be very picky when it comes to emails because they want value and if they feel like you are not giving them value then chances are they will opt-out of your list for good.

Email Marketing – Learn the Fundamentals of Email Marketing Today

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that has one purpose which is promoting your product, service or website to a group of targeted leads. So what are the steps to starting and running a successful email marketing campaign? The first thing that you need to do is figure out what product or service you want to promote and sell.

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