Validating Ideas for Brands & The Importance of Email Marketing With Kobe Gatsby

This episode features Kobe Gatsby.

For those of you who don’t already know Kobe, he owns and runs 2 successful Ecommerce Brands.

In this episode, we talk through how he quickly and affordably tests new products for potential new Ecommerce brands.

We talk through the setup of his team, how he learned email marketing, how he makes decisions on what to work on, and so much more!

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Why Is It That You Are Not Using Direct-Response E-Mail Marketing To Build Your Online Businesses?

There is no better and virtually the quickest and fastest way to build your online businesses and to start earning a profit immediately—–At A Push of A Button. Direct-Response email marketing is the best way to help built your virtual assets as your lists of prospects and bought customers will bring more and increase profits dramatically, while all the time keeping your overheads costs as low as possible. Why is it that you are not using it to build your online businesses?

Why You Need to Capture E-mail Addresses

If you are selling your product on your website, chances are that less than 1 percent of your site’s visitors will EVER BUY your product online. Even the best marketers with the most successful websites fail to convert more than 6 percent of their web visitors into buying customers.

5 Ways to Boost Your Sales Through Email Marketing

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A Few Ways You Can Utilise Your Mailing to Full Effect

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The Connection Between Email Marketing and Article Marketing

There is little point to setting up article marketing if you do not intend to also run an email campaign of some type. The connection between email marketing and article marketing is intrinsic to the process of monetization. The exception is if you are writing articles as an interest about some topic that you want to share regardless of making money online.

A Quick Review on Two of the Main E-Mail Marketing Software Providers

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A Few Things to Look for in an E-Mail Marketing Software Solution

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