Using Facebook and Google Analytics to track AWeber Landing Page activity

With Facebook Pixel ID and Google Analytics, you can track data from your AWeber Landing page. Check out the video to see how super simple it is to setup!

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Create an Income Online on Auto-Drive

Whether you are promoting your own product, an affiliate product, or using any other online business model, automating it is an easy and wise thing to do. Here are a few tips to help you earn money whether you are working or not.

3 Critical Elements of a Successful E-Mail Campaign – Are You Missing One?

There have been rumblings lately surrounding the future of e-mail marketing campaigns. A few self proclaimed marketing gurus have even announced that the effective use of e-zines and e-newsletters was on its way out the door.

Making Your Email Campaign Effective

The internet makes the most use of email as a means of communications and as a form of marketing. In terms of return on investment, the email marketing tool amongst other marketing tools is the most cost-efficient and has an edge over all others.

Using and Acquiring E-mail Lists For Your Website Marketing

The email list gives on leverage in increasing sales volumes as this gives you a direct way in communicating and dealing with your customers. It is an important operational tool in marketing. Many businesses online compete with each other and they will strive to find new ways to promote their businesses through an email list.

How to Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Through all the social media hype, email has held its ground as one of the most effective online retail marketing channels. According to a survey by the E-Tailing group, 79% of retailers want to increase their spending on email campaigns. Here are some of the things that retailers can do to ensure their emails convey the message and achieve desired results.

The Importance of the Email Subject in Promoting a Business

The importance of the email subject in promoting a business. Test done on 300 emails received during a month provided some clues what subject to use and what to avoid.

Mass Notification – Rethinking Your Strategy Could Save Two Million Dollars – Worth Bragging About

You need a mass notification system that can sustain a lot of messages in little time without delay and without breaking down, with controlled costs and with little training required to operate it. This would be the dream mass notification but of course there is no perfect system.

What Makes a Good Newsletter? Top Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaign a Success

Running a successful email campaign takes time, practice and a little bit of luck and skill, but there are things you can do to make sure that your email advertisement has a good chance of success. Sending an email campaign is not like any other type of advertisement; you have to get so many things just right to really have any chance of using email to sell your product or service.

Custom Email Marketing Templates – Getting Your Brand Noticed

Are you seeking custom email marketing templates? The templates that come out of the box often don’t give businesses the unique look they want to convey to their customers. The brand of the company must be in all email-marketing materials for maximum effect.

The Fit Between E-Mail Marketing and the Busy Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs and small business owners wear many hats and place their own time at an extremely high premium. E-mail marketing is only one of many marketing channels a busy entrepreneur can utilize. It is imperative that entrepreneurs decide whether or not the medium works for them, and then, if e-mail marketing is a fit, have criteria in place for evaluating the options that various e-mail marketing vendors offer.

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