Using Canva + AWeber to create awesome graphics for your emails and landing pages

In this video, Shelley Wang, partnerships product marketing manager at Canva, shares tips and best practices for designing images for your emails and landing pages using the new Canva button in AWeber.

Plus, we answer your digital marketing questions live and show you all the awesome additions to your AWeber account.

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How Can You Avoid Your Email Marketing Campaigns Being Classed As Spam?

Everyone knows that they don’t like spam, yet the term means different things to different people. There is a general trend of defining spam as simply email that is not relevant to the receiver. Beware of allowing this to lull you into a false sense of security though.

When Gmail Isn’t Good Enough – Why You Must Have Your ‘Own’ Email Address for Email Marketing

We love our Gmail accounts. And some people love their Hotmail and Yahoo accounts. They work so well that we might overlook a reason why we do need more “professional” looking accounts. But we do need them. There’s no way around that. Here’s why.

More Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns at No Extra Cost

Targeted email marketing campaigns aren’t just for massive companies, they don’t even need to be expensive. There ways to apply basic targeting of your email marketing that shouldn’t cost you anything extra. We know that email marketing is measurable, so we also know who opens your emails.

How to Become a Top Option Trading Expert

Trading stock options, when compared with regular stock trading, has many advantages. Just like other types of investing, it is essential to have an adequate amount of knowledge about the type of investments before embarking on this venture.

Advantage Of Good Email Marketing Template

Thus, a great and attention catching e-mail template is very essential to increase the organization company and the generating prospects. You have to select it cautiously since it will build the company’s sense in the opinions of different users.

Important Tips About Email Marketing

Nowadays, there are several different forms of online marketing approaches, but email marketing is chosen mostly. Since almost everybody gets both marketing and personal emails there is tendency that they may read or send them to the erase folder.

How to Use Webmail – A Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up and Using Webmail in Your Web Host’s cPanel

All hosting accounts, at least those with cPanel, offer some kind of webmail and you should take advantage of it. It’s easy to set up, gives you a professional-looking email address, and is accessible from anywhere.

Use Email to Increase Touches When Promoting Seminars

It takes multiple contacts to make prospective attendees aware of our seminars and motivate them to attend. Discover 5 logical reasons to use email to reach out to your seminar prospects.

8 Tips for Email Marketing for Bloggers

Having an email list is an important part of being an effective and more importantly profitable blogger. When you have an email list then you have an opportunity to make more money than you already are. It doesn’t just have to be money; it could be that you want to reach out to more of your fans with great newsletters and snippets from your latest pieces of work.

The Best Email Service To Use To Build A List

If you want to get more people to your website, which means more participation in your blog and forum community, if you want more people to read your information and most importantly buy from you, you need to be building an email list no matter what type of website you have. Luckily, it’s perfectly okay to create a permission-based or opt-in list, which means that somebody chooses to subscribe to your email newsletter. You can send messages to them anytime you want and they can choose to unsubscribe from these messages anytime they want as well.

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