Unique Bible Trivia Game | Church Grower Board Game #bibletrivia #churchgrowth #boardgame

https://bit.ly/tbjgame Terri B Jones, board game designer of the Church Grower Bible Trivia Board Game to grow your church or backslide shares an overview of players playing the game and having lots of fun.
This new game brings families together in a fun way to take their minds off of what’s going on negatively in the world, increase Bible knowledge, and keep Christ at the center of their next game day to grow the church.
Get a copy of this game today and you won’t regret it.

Four Requirements in Email Marketing

The prevalent use of email marketing has made it seem so easy. What can be hard about writing an email and clicking on send? In reality however, it can be a tricky business. There are rules you have to follow lest you get blacklisted by major email servers worldwide.

The Five Golden Rules of Email Marketing

Within just a few years after the internet boomed, email marketing quickly became one of the cheapest and most effective means of marketing. Almost everyone has an email address – and everyone is a market for a product or two…This brought forth some rules of engagement when getting involved in email marketing. Not following the rules means risking being labeled as spam and blacklisted.

How to Build Your Subscriber List – Offline

Many business owners fail to realize what an excellent opportunity e-mail marketing provides for developing lasting relationships with customers and potential customers who you meet offline. In much the same way that regular mailings can keep visitors coming back to your web site, they can also keep visitors coming back to your brick & mortar location. Regular e-mail contact with offline customers also provides all the other benefits of e-mail marketing to online clients: increased brand recognition, improved familiarity and trust, and an opportunity for you to expand the perceived usefulness of your products and services.

Email Marketing and Paid Subscriber Lists

If this sounds like a bad idea to you, then it’s because it is. If you are a new email marketer this may sound like a good idea to you. Building a list of subscribers takes time and you found someone that’s promising you quick results by selling you entire lists of emails addresses from people that were already “targeted”, “verified”, “opted- in”, and “cleansed.”

Using Email Marketing For Recruiting

Email Marketing can be an effective tool for recruiting when used correctly. The number one rule is to only send mailings to people that opt-in to your list. This means if you are recruiting job seekers then you should only send mailings to prospective applicants who choose to be contacted by employers. If you are recruiting students for a college then you will want to only send mailings to students that provided their email address to a representative for future contact. You delegitimize your institution by sending unsolicited emails which hurts your recruitment and can be damaging to your credibility.

Beat E-Mail Fatigue

Your customers are bombarded with multiple email messages a day. There are a lot of other demands for their attention and opening, much less reading, e-mail falls to the bottom of their to-do list. Here are five ways to help get your e-mail opened.

What is EMarketing Or Email Marketing?

Successful eMarketing is more than setting up a distribution list in Outlook and sending a broadcast email to all your contacts asking them to buy something from you. Powerful marketing is always that which is targeted, relevant and results measured. There is nothing currently available that gives you more for your marketing dollars, has more success and is totally trackable than InteCom Email Marketing.

Do You Know What Email Marketing Is?

It is very common for people to use email for communication nowadays. As a matter of fact, there are people who will have a few email addresses. As a result, some people will start use emails as a mean to promote products.

Email Marketers Breaking the Law

A recent survey found that when conducting their email campaigns, relatively few Irish marketers are using more than two or three of the legal requirements stated in the Companies Act. The study of over 100 email newsletter messages was based on the following 10 best practices and legal requirements: a working one-click unsubscribe link; company postal address; company registered number; company telephone number; advanced deliverability features; web version of their email; link to privacy policy; personalisation; forward to a friend; and navigation links to their website. The survey found that despite an unsubscribe link …

Understanding How E-mail Marketing Could Work to Your Business’ Advantage – Part 1

The first thing you should keep in mind is acquiring a legitimate list of users. You know, the ones that are acquainted with your website and product or service. Although, you can easily purchase of a list of recipients for your e-mails, you really don’t want to try that one.

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