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Here are my Top 5 Email Design Tips.

Important note: I’m all for using email design builders. I’m actually building one called EmailUp (

My point is more geared towards making sure you know what you want to build before you start.

Make sure you have the proper layout in mind, have the proper assets ready to rock and roll, and so on.

The big issue we see is that when people use email design builders, they don’t know what they want, and therefore the email doesn’t turn out as interesting or creative as it could.

The other cool thing about the email design platform I’m building is it’s modular and drag and drop on the front end, but exports HTML on the backend which is key.

#email #emailmarketing #emaildesign

Emailing Your List – When is it Too Much?

It isn’t uncommon for companies to suffocate there mailing lists with far too many pointless emails, but sending to little creates unfamiliarity and leads to recipients ignoring the message. There is a fine line when it comes to sending out emails. The repercussions of annoying your mailing list could be devastating to your email marketing campaign.

Video Email Marketing – Taking a Glance at It

The long wait for the replies for every sent business communication is already an obsolete thing of the past. With the onset of the video email marketing these days, the business entrepreneurs are allowed to easily and quickly catch the video messages in full swing via the use of the microphone and the webcam.

The Psychographics of a Fashion Marketing Campaign

Marketing to your niche isn’t just about demographics! In order to get the maximum effect from your email marketing campaign, you must understand what makes your target customer tick. Psychographics is the way to take the demographics lens and tighten the scope.

Emails That Work

Email Marketing is a very important part of your marketing plan for your internet business. This article will show you the steps to effective emails that work, and lead to success!

Drip E-Mail Marketing and How to Make it Effective

A drip e-mail marketing campaign involves sending multiple e-mails to the recipients to gradually introduce them to the benefits of your product or service. It doesn’t ask for immediate business transaction. It first allows the recipients to know about your product or service in detail over a period of time and then arrive at an educated decision.

How to Craft Magnetic Email Subject Lines at an Instant

One of the most important things about an email promotion campaign is the email subject line. This is something you should study carefully if you are doing email marketing.

Letting the World Know About Your New Website

One of the toughest areas for newcomers to online marketing is the driving of traffic to your website. In this article the author explores some of the less common tactics you can employ to encourage more people to visit your website.

Measuring and Monitoring Email Campaign and List Growth Metrics

The use of email in sales and marketing efforts is now a given. It’s clear to most marketers that the impact of email is increasing–despite the also increasing problem of deliverability. What isn’t clear, however, is what that impact actually is to your bottom line. Measuring and monitoring email campaign return on investment (ROI) and list growth metrics is still an ad hoc process…at best.

Advantages of E-Mail Marketing Using the Lighthouse Marketing System

E-mail marketing can be one of the most effective marketing, advertising, and sales tools. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of distributing huge amounts of information, coupons, special offers, promotions, and new product announcements.

RSS Improves Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a primary means used by internet businesses to encourage repeat sales. This has been through frequent editorial content sent to subscribers/customers email boxes with that occasional reminder or advertisement to buy from you. For example, if you run an online hotel booking website, you could have a regular newsletter informing subscribers of the latest in the Kenyan hotel industry.

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