There’s 3 main types of emails. Do you know them all?

There’s 3 main types of emails.

Do you know them all?

If not, check out this video.

Creating Email Newsletters – Does My Subject Really Matter?

If you have started creating email newsletters, you’ve probably already heard it said that if you want people to open your e-zines, you have to work hard on the subject. But is this really the whole truth?

How to Get the Most Out of Your Email Marketing

Setting up an email marketing and email list marketing system will be as important, as it could be, in case you were organizing a conventional marketing program. Steps must be designed or planned, a process needs to be developed and a market assessment must be carried out in order to have an understanding of the marketplace that you are entering, as well as the message that needs to be sent out.

Creating Email Newsletters – What Can I Do Succeed With My E-Zine?

Creating email newsletters the right way is no simple task. It’s a profession, you have to learn. Do it right, and it can make you rich. Do it wrong, and you will only receive lots of unsubscriptions.

Creating Email Newsletters – How Much Money Can I Make From My List?

Creating email newsletters is a must, if you want to make money from your list. However, this golden hen could very well be a bomb in disguise, ready to explode in impact. Learn how you avoid setting it off.

Creating Email Newsletters – If You Don’t Want To Give, Forget About It

Obviously, big companies like Amazon can get away with sending only offers. If you’re creating email newsletters, though, your purpose should be to give. Not to get.

Creating Email Newsletters – Subject Does Matter, But You Matter More

When you’re creating email newsletters, people will tell you that your subject decides whether or not your subscribers will open your email. This is not entirely true. You matter more, in fact.

Creating Email Newsletters – Be Personal, But Avoid This Dreaded Error

If you’re creating email newsletters, it doesn’t matter whether you’re writing about Internet marketing or computer tips. You’ll reach a higher success rate, if your readers can relate to you. However, there’s one dreadful error, you should avoid at all cost.

Creating Email Newsletters – Give And Take, But Not In Equal Amounts

Creating email newsletters is about giving and taking. However, how much you give, and how much you take makes the difference between failure and success.

Proven Principles To Create A Lucrative Email List

The email list is one of the best marketing inventions of all time. When you gain trust and agreement, then you can let loose your own brand of positive relationship building and marketing. Perhaps you already know you must have someone’s permission to mail them marketing emails.

Creating Email Newsletters – Be Consistent, Or Get Ready To Take The Fall

How often are you creating email newsletters? If you’re writing them whenever the feeling comes over you, you might be in for a rough ride. Yes, this might be more of a duty than a pleasure, but it matters.

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