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The State of Commerce is going down on February 7th!

We have an unreal lineup of the top founders & marketers in Ecommerce.

Join us virtually to learn actionable email, sms, creative & paid social tactics.

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The number one thing I heard last year from marketers of all levels was that they struggled to keep up with all the changes at once.

… Facebook pulled the plug on tracking data.

… iOS 15 even touched email.

… And new channels popped up that made our bread and butter moneymakers on the verge of extinction.

In short, if you weren’t ready for it, 2021 hit you like a right-hand punch from Mike Tyson.

I know people were struggling.

But I also know people who thrived the whole year.

When SMS marketing became the fastest growing revenue channel, Alex Beller of PostScript was guiding businesses on how not just to use it as a sales channel but to turn it into a two-way communication profit center.

When TikTok became the number one website over Google, Savannah Sanchez was leading the charge and getting her clients conversions and lower CPMs.

When Facebook blew up, Dara Denney and Nick Shackelford were showing clients how to pivot quickly and drop creative that still converts today.

When everyone was panicking about iOS 15, myself, Chris Orzechowski, Rob Allen, and Eli Weiss were showing people how not to fear these changes, but how to deploy new flows and campaigns that worked independent of open rates to drive high LTVs, AOVs, and more conversions.

And just to be frank, 2022 is already showing signs of even wilder shifts in ad platforms, tracking, data, channels, and trends more than ever before.

So the question is, will you be left behind or will you be ahead of the curve?

If you want to get ahead, it’s now easier than ever because Rob Allen, Amanda Gambill, and I put all the trendsetters and leaders in one room at a brand new event.

The State of Commerce.

We’re bringing you three live panel discussions so you can hear directly from experts on all the key areas that move your ecommerce business forward:

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

And Creative & Paid Media

You’ll hear their predictions, trends they’re most excited about, what they’re doing now to set up for Q2-Q4 success, and what they’re avoiding completely.

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Opt-In to List Building – Opt-Out of Spam

Optin list marketing is about making the choice to receive email a rewarding one. Too many marketers seem to think that their subscribers are targets to be blasted. Why not think of them as friends? Would you spam them?

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Email Marketing Tips – Why Are Your Emails Not Producing Amazing Results?

Often the people who are shouting from the rooftops that email marketing is dead or doesn’t work didn’t carry out the strategy properly. Most likely they are either not getting enough opens, not enough clicks, not enough sales or all of the reasons just mentioned…

Tips For Email Marketing Success

Many organizations spend huge amount of capital into advertisement to get prospect but they fail to market their Product/Service to them. Email communication is of the most effective way of cultivating the type of relationship needed to turn your prospects into customers.

Direct Mail Marketing – Tips & Techniques

Email marketing is one cost effective method of advertising today. To have success with e-marketing is to drive prospects to your sign up page at minimal cost and convert site visitors into subscribers for maximum response. Tutorials are a helpful tool on how to set up email messages.

3 Things That Helped Barack Obama Win the Election That You Can Emulate in Email Marketing

Barack Obama is our nations first “online” President. A President that understands technology and it’s new dominant role in our everyday lives. Obama won the white house with great help from direct response, email marketing technologies.

Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a web page whose sole aim is to convince the visitor to subscribe to a mailing list by giving his/her email address and name, thereby making the visitor a subscriber. A squeeze page may also be considered as a lead generation tool for online marketing.

Are You Using Email Marketing? Others Do it Very Easily, So Can You!

It has been proven that email marketing is the best and cheapest way to bring visitors to your site and eventually make a sale of your product or service. The benefits are great but you have to send your email to people who want your information and is part of an opt in list.

Do Not Use Email and Watch Your Business Fail

If you are thinking of making an income online then email marketing is worth considering. There are a number of things you should know and do if you are to succeed, but it is up to you.

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