The Post Purchase Flow: Actionable Ways Email Marketing Drives Revenue After the Purchase

In this interview we dive deep into The Post Purchase Flow: Actionable Ways Email Marketing Drives Revenue After the Purchase.

Melanie Balke ties email marketing with dating and gives a great metaphor.

Seeing a Bumble profile = Seeing an advertisement

Swiping right on the profile = Clicking on the ad

Making conversation = Subscribing to an email list

First date = Making a purchase

Relationship = ?

Marriage = ?

Kids = ?

She then shares some great email marketing statistics:

– It’s 5x more expensive to acquire a new customer than convert an existing one

– Repeat customer spend 300% more than new customers

– Repeat customers refer 50% more potential buyers than one-time buyers

– Increasing customer retention 5%, leads to an average profitability increase of 75%.

She then dives into a bunch of post purchase emails:

– The Order Confirmation

– The Delivery Notification

– The How to Email

– The Cross Sell Email

– The Subscription Email

– The Anniversary / Birthday Email

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