Terri B Jones pursuing Greater Possibilities #DreamInBlack #ATTcontest

Terri B Jones, creator of the Church Grower Board Game is sharing how she is pursuing Greater Possibilities in the #DreamInBlack #ATTcontest

The Church Grower Board Game will help bring families together in a fun way to increase their Bible knowledge using Trivia questions to tap into their creativity to grow the church and declared the winner.

Showcase New Products With Email Marketing

Even if you already distribute a regular e-mail newsletter, the use of a supplemental e-mail campaign can prove beneficial to sales. Using an e-mail list of opt-in readers guarantees that your readership wants to be informed of new products, so there is no worry of “spamming”. To showcase a specific product in between regular newsletter releases also increases the chances of imprinting the product in the minds of readers.

Multiple E-Mail Lists Can Increase Your Business

With an opt-in list of e-mail addresses, you are holding a potential goldmine. You have a captive audience, a marketable population that can further improve your business. If approached correctly, these people will continue to patronize your business and recommend you to friends and family, and your business will grow.

List Building 101 – Why You Need an Email List!

Some insight into building a warm email list from your website visitors. Why you really need the list and what it can do for your business.

To People Who Want to Send Spam Free Emails – But Cannot Get Started

Joining a private advertising club to send your emails is a great idea. Your email will go to opt in lists, to internet members who have paid to received you ads. There will be no spamming or hassle. Anything to help your business of the ground in these days of fierce competition is more than welcome.

Email Marketing Tips – 3 Deadly Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Email Marketing

Avoid making the audience press the delete button and do not fall into legal traps when deciding your email marketing strategy. Watch out for these 3 pitfalls as an email marketer.

Email Marketing Tips – 4 Questions to Assist You in Creating a Profitable Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is an effective means to let the world know about your company offerings. Here are 4 questions to ask when drafting an effective email marketing strategy.

How to Make Money With Email Marketing

One of the biggest payoffs from an effective email marketing campaign is that it establishes a relationship with your buyer. People buy things from people they like. Unlike a sales ad where you have to tell them all the benefits of your product before they click off the page, in an email you have the time and ability to let your true voice show through while still subtly pitching what you have to offer.

Why Drunken Subject Lines Get Your E-newsletter Sent to the Trash

Uh-oh, here comes the drunk guy. Do your readers cringe when your e-newsletter hits their inbox? Find out how to keep readers from hitting the delete button.

Do You Need a Newsletter?

All of the talk about content and organic search can have a busy business owner overwhelmed. Well have you ever considered a newsletter? Newsletters can be concise and to the point, and attract your potential clients without coming across annoying.

Email Marketing Tips – How to Create a Tailored Email Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Email marketing forms a critical element of any online promotional campaign. And such a campaign involves the inclusion of a proper email marketing strategy.

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