Tagging your subscribers = more engaged audience

The more specific you can be with your communications, the more likely people are to engage with your messaging. Using tags to segment your list based on actions, interests, etc. and allows you to send that more relevant, targeted content.

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Twitter Versus Email – Syndication Fight of the Century

Twitter undoubtedly has become the most talked about social network on the planet. Twitter’s growing by the second and nearly doubles in size every week… but does it have the guts to beat email?

E-mail Marketing – The Arena of Experts

Marketing like all other marketing techniques is result-driven, brand focused and is always directed towards attaining profitability for an organization. In a nutshell, the eventual goal of any form of marketing is to attract new customers and retain the current lot. Marketing explores a wide variety of channels to explore this goal. One of the widely used and most common techniques is e-mail marketing.

A Look at Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the best ways for you to drive traffic quickly to any website is through one of the email marketing campaigns that are available online. It has a lot to do with the options that you choose, however, more so than what you have to offer. For example, in certain areas of the world, you may have to adjust the way that you send out the email for a variety of different reasons.

Are You Mining For All Your Gold Using an Email Newsletter?

Most small local companies, use the newspaper, radio, maybe television. Some do Direct mail, some do newsletters, some of have a website. But when I ask them do you have a database of your clients email addresses. I often get blank stares. They’ll spend thousands on all sorts of media, but forget to send and extremely cost effective email newsletter out to their current customers and prospects who have given their permission to receive information.

Are You Subscribed to Too Many Mailing Lists? Here’s How You Can Tell

I suspect a lot of us are subscribed to too many mailing lists. Are you one of them? And if you’re not sure, how do you tell? Simple… hear me out here. Be completely objective about this one and ask yourself if you’re overwhelmed by information from 30, 40 or even 70++ sources or gurus (you name it).

5 Strategies Every Email Marketer Should Use

After collecting an email list of potential customers from your squeeze page efforts should be made to build a relationship with them. Email based marketing is a terrific way to quickly grow an online business provided it is done correctly. Read more to discover 5 strategies you’ll want to implement to make your email marketing campaign as effective as possible.

Why Email Marketing Works So Well For Small Businesses

Email marketing is widely used to promote products and services. Besides, it is the most effective method. It is effective because apart from getting new clients for a business, it also helps to enhance the relationship you have with existing customers.

MLM Email Strategies – What Strategies Should I Invoke to Build My MLM Business?

I will go over some strategies to improve the values of your emails. How to get your prospects to open and read your emails and want to learn more about what you say!

Can You Connect Email and Social Media Marketing?

Email marketing and social media marketing are two great ways businesses and entrepreneurs can market themselves online. But can they be used together? Here are some tips to combining the two for maximum visibility.

3 Email Based Marketing Strategies You Must Not Ignore

An email based marketing program is a very effective way of marketing on the internet being these people are receptive to your promotions. Building an email list of potential customers gives you a more accessible and targeted base to which you can make product offerings. Discover the 3 simple strategies you need to employ to make your email marketing campaign both effective and lucrative.

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