Tag links to track clicks in your email newsletter

By using tags, you can assign a label to a customer indicating that they’ve clicked a link. Then, you can search by that tag and segment your list to send relevant information only to those who clicked that tagged link.

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The Importance of Email Marketing – How Email Marketing Can Make You a Ton of Money When Done Right

When done right, email marketing can be the difference between success and failure. Find the affiliate marketing program that will layout everything you need to find success with email marketing.

Email Marketing For Your Online Community

Online communities are excellent venues for business marketing and enhancing customer relationship. Setup your very own online community for your business and keep it growing with the power of email marketing.

Email Spamming and Why it Won’t Go Away

The most popular way to spam someone else is to employ the email spamming method. This claim is not plucked out of nowhere because it is backed by hard and fast facts from a project called the Spamhaus Project. Would it surprise you to hear that for the average ISP and network company in North America, Europe and Australasia, approximately ninety percent of emails being sent out today is spam and only ten percent of them are legitimate emails? Well, they are.

Dropshipping Or Wholesale – Which is Right For You?

When you’re looking to start your own ecommerce business, many people will tell you that dropshipping offers an easy way to get up and running, with little or no investment. However, there will be others who point to the increased profit potential of buying direct form the manufacturers and wholesalers. It can be hard to know which of the two approaches will work best for your new enterprise, and a lot could depend on what it is you want to sell, who and where your customers are, not to mention the kind of set up you have for running your business. So which is the better supply route for your products, dropshippers or wholesalers?

Try Direct Email Marketing For Instant Growth in Business

Direct email marketing is a cost effective option to reach your target audience at a global level. It delivers instant and visible growth to your online business.

Email Marketing

With the coming of the internet generation, spam has taken on a whole new meaning. Spam is the word used to describe commercial advertisements sent to you via email. The challenge here is that many of them are frauds and may be just a trick.

How to Make Quick and Fast Cash With Email Marketing Part 2

Hi my fellow internet marketers! I hope some of the techniques that I have shared in my previous articles has helped you guys just as much as it has benefited me! Remember, people fail, systems do not! All these techniques has been proven to work and it has successfully been replicated by many others who has adopted it.

A Must-read For E-mail Marketers – 3 Time-saving Tips to Boost Response Rates

When e-mail marketing is broken down to its basic components, marketing consultants, CRM marketing directors, service providers and industry experts all agree a campaign must have three things: clean list growth, deliverability and response rates. From registration data to transactional data to tracking purchasing behaviors, there is an endless supply of data to integrate for e-mail marketers. Dissecting a customer from all angles is an exercise in attrition.

A Few Thoughts on How to Write a Killer Sales Letter – One

One of the key skills that a successful internet marketer needs to master is the ability to write an effective sales letter. In this article I am going to present a number of ideas to help you get started. The success of your business depends on your ability to convert clicks to your website into sales.

Basic Concept of Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing and how you can obtain significant profits by simply creating “a list”? By list, we are referring to a list of emails and names of people that you collect on your website or in some other manner that you can sell or promote products to online.

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