Should I Use a Quiz for My Business? Zero Party Data Strategy with Ben Parr from Octane AI

In this video, Ben Parr answers the question of: Should I Use a Quiz for My Business?

HINT: The answer is absolutely yes.

With everything happening in the marketing world from iOS 14, iOS 14.5, iOS 15, Google getting rid of cookies, and so on, having a zero party data strategy is of the utmost importance.

Zero-party data offers an innovative solution in the cookieless online landscape and an excellent alternative to the currently available cookies. It is information that is hard to infer or buy from a user, in other words it is information that a customer freely shares with a company.

Ben talks about some strategies and use cases for collecting zero party data using some relevant case studies from Octane AI customers.

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– The zero-party data marketing platform for Shopify stores
– Home of the Shop Quiz & Conversational Pop-ups
– Boost conversions & personalization

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