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Important Things to Remember in Building an Opt-In List

Building an opt in email list is the most powerful income generating tool you can create. Email list marketing can be your road to financial freedom, but first you need a targeted email list!

Five Reasons You Should Be Using Video Email For Prospecting

In today’s competitive world, it has become increasing more difficult to initiate the sales process with new prospects. The old method of sending direct mail has become almost obsolete and let’s face it, most cold mail pieces are just thrown in the trash.

The ABCs of E-Mail Marketing – Top 5 Mistakes You Must Avoid!

Simplicity is The Key.. this is what I have learned & practiced. Before start working on your next e-mail campaign, put yourself in the shoe of the customer and ask yourself the following questions…

Squeeze Page Not Converting? Try These Fine Tuning Adjustments

You have designed and created a great looking squeeze page and have run a few marketing tests with it but it is not converting into sales for you. What can you do to fine turn it so that your visitors show more interest in what you have to give away? Here are some critical things you should check to make your squeeze page convert better for you.

Bring in Restaurant Guests With Wi-Fi and Bring Them Back With Email & Social Media Marketing

Most Cafes and Restaurants have figured out that offering guests access to free wi-fi can fill empty seats during off-peak hours which is when wireless guests generally visit as it’s easier to concentrate in a quiet location. There’s also a lot of interest among restaurateurs in building an email marketing database and social media following to market to over time.

Email Marketing and the Generation of Trust in Your Subscribers

Opted in subscribers are on your list because they have by the simple fact of signing up to your list stated that they wish to be kept informed of any developments and new products that have arrived in their topic of interest. You are lucky to have them and you should do everything in your power to keep them.

Email Marketing and Things to Avoid When Emailing to Your List

Email marketing and things to avoid when emailing your list. There are a number of ways that you can coax people on to your list and there are some important things you must do to ensure they do not want to leave it. You will also wish to avoid any run ins with the law and your internet service provider.

Email Marketing – How to Avoid Being Labelled a Spammer

When using Email Marketing getting spam complaints is a common problem. Here we look at how to avoid these complaints and what to do when you get them.

Email Marketing – Do You Know What You Need to Stay Legal?

Important Note: We are going to look at the US CAN-SPAM law. This will be of concern to most people marketing to customers in the US. If you do not live in or market to the US then you should still follow the guidelines here.

Creating Effective Email Newsletters

Effective tips from expert email newsletter and campaign designers. Learn how to reach specific customers, how to write email copy and other best practices for your email marketing campaign.

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