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What Metrics Beyond the Click Are Helpful to Understanding the Success of Your Email Campaigns?

The CTR or click through rate, is often regarded as one of the more important metrics of an email campaign. While its importance cannot be understated, giving it all your attention will not always result in higher conversions and more sales.

How Does Understanding Prospects’ Motivation to Subscribe Benefit Your Email Marketing Efforts?

According to recently conducted research, consumers subscribe to email marketing campaigns for the following reasons more than anything else: They want to save money. They want something free in exchange.

Mass Email Marketing – Made Easy

The beauty of mass email marketing is that you can target so many people in one go. In the internet marketing business your most valued asset is your email list, this is basically a list of people that you have invited to join your list by giving something of value to them.

How to Write Effective Email Subject Lines to Get Them Opened

Your email is useless and meaningless if people do not bother to open it up and spend some time reading its contents which are usually a sales pitch or information about your product or service that you want to deliver. Your email can be the best piece written by a skilled copywriter but, once the recipient deletes the message without reading it, all your efforts and money are just wasted.

7 Tips to a Successful E-mail Marketing Campaign

Email is a brilliant marketing and advertising tool. Useful for product or service oriented businesses alike, email marketing is “green”, cost-effective, and easy to implement. In addition, e-mail is the primary form of business communication (not social media).

Email Marketing – Publish Articles To Your Email List For Better Conversion

When online entrepreneurs use email marketing to promote their great new product or life-changing service that they are offering, I prefer not to just be sold to. Chances are the members on your list feel the same way. I have grown as a consumer into more trustful and better relationships with business owners who first give me something, teach me something, or show me something.

How to Use Bulk Email to Kick Start Your Online Business?

Starting an online business can get tough enough if you are a novice and creating your first website. Perhaps you are struggling to get to know the tips and tricks of the trade.

How to Make Money With Email Marketing and Affiliate Offers – Bank Easy Money!

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. And there is also no doubt that the best way to promote affiliate offers is email marketing. In email marketing you capture the email of those who come to your squeeze page.

Business Email List Marketing

The best and most accurate email lists are those that have been compiled via web research and not by data entering information from directories. But hundreds of thousands of websites will have to be visited in order to extract all the data.

Squeeze Pages and How You Can Benefit From Them

In sales, whether that be online or off, customer leads are extremely important. This is because without leads, you won’t get any sales.

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