Shopify Stores, Marketing Agencies, and Digital Marketing Freelancers Are Attending This Free Event

Shopify Stores, Marketing Agencies, and Digital Marketing Freelancers Are Attending This Free Event.

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What Are Your Email Marketing Desserts?

Think of all the truly fine dining experiences you’ve had. Whether the experience occurred in Chicago’s Epic on River North, the panoramic view from the Nana Restaurant in Dallas, or the marina and skyline view from the Palisades in Seattle…all are sensual food and dining experiences culminated with dessert.

How to Use Cognitive Dissonance in Email Marketing

Cognitive dissonance is the theory that humans are uncomfortable holding two different thoughts or ideas that conflict with one another at the same time. In email marketing, it is important to understand how people resolve cognitive dissonance, as well as the overall consumer thinking and buying process, which goes something like this…

Internet Business – Seven Tips of Email Marketing

I am sure that everyone wants to know how to achieve the best results when doing email marketing. You would want to avoid spam and increase the open rates. Here are some of the tips that could help you increase your profits and achieve greater results…

Eight Ways of Building an Effective Email Marketing List

A way to show your customers that they are important to you is to send email newsletters to them. Marketing lists can act as a medium to pass messages to your customers and at the same time inform them about your company’s latest promotional offers or the release of new products or services. In general, opt in list marketing may either let your business rise or fall. There are many ways to build your email list.

What is an Email Marketing Strategy?

An efficient email marketing strategy is an essential marketing tool. With today’s technology, internet has already become a need in our daily life which plays an important role in the business context. Internet is very cost effective and easy to market your products and services. It can greatly help those companies with low budgets in carrying out their email marketing campaign.

Using Your Email Marketing Autoresponder – Creating an Effective Follow-Up Sequence

When your visitors decide not to buy your product on their first visit to your website, an effective follow-up sequence within your email marketing autoresponder is critical to converting them from potential fans into hardcore buyers. But this is not always done effectively.

The Importance of Your Businesses Email List

Most companies will have a list of people who are previous or existing clients, or perhaps just prospects or target clients. Here we will look at the ways in which it is possible to engage with your list and what this can mean for your business.

Email Marketing – 4 Degrees of Separation

In 1967, a Harvard social psychologist, Stanley Milgram, conducted a study to see how connected people in the United States were to one another. The results of the study, in which US postal service tracking methods were used, demonstrated that we can create “a chain of personal contacts leading to any other person, with no more than six links in the chain.”

What Are the Ethics of Email Marketing?

There is a term “First do no harm” from the Hippocratic oath, or more accurately from the Hippocratic writing Epidemics, which states “To do good or to do no harm”…that applies equally well to email marketing. Email marketing, unfortunately, has a history of unethical behavior by marketers who ignored that requirement quite completely.

How to Use the Building Blocks of Email Marketing

What does it really take to get into the minds and hearts of your email customers? At the risk of saying what you may have heard from me in the past, and undoubtedly from others… it takes compelling copy.

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