Scaling a Successful DTC & Trades Business in a Competitive Market With Ian Leslie of Industry West

This episode features Ian Leslie.

For those of you who don’t already know Ian, he’s the CMO of Industry West.

In this episode, we talk through what Ian believes has allowed Industry West to succeed in such a competitive market.

We talk through Industry West’s marketing mix, the makeup of their team, tools they use, and so much more.

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Your Email Subject Gets You Clients

The subject line of your email is one of the most important ways you can get new clients. Not copy, not websites, not joint ventures, etc. In this article I will reveal the 8 levels of how writing compelling and thought provoking subject lines will directly and dramatically impact your ability to get new clients and ultimately affect the bottom line of your business. I will also share some of my favorite and most popular email subject line writing techniques you can immediately use in your email marketing.

3 Easy Ideas to Build Your Email Marketing List

Every morning when you arrive at work, without a doubt you know that SPAM will be waiting for you. While some companies may choose to send unwanted email, this is not a choice for serious small business owners.

Tips and Tricks for Writing Great Nonprofit Holiday Donation Emails

This article is all about how you can make that ASK the best you can. Remember-you are giving donors the opportunity to invest in your mission. The key is getting THEM to feel grateful and lucky at that opportunity, so they can’t WAIT for the PRIVILEGE of giving you money!

3 Sneaky Tricks To Build Your List And Get Tons of Traffic

I’ve got five sneaky methods to share with you that will drive laser targeted traffic to your blog and build your email list. The money is in the list. Plain and simple. Businesses know it – the Guru’s know it and it’s time you learned how to do it. If you can write email to your friend, then you can make money online. It’s really that simple. My article will fill in the blanks and give you a good idea on where to get started.

Google at Its Best, Gmail Is a Time Saver

Email is one of the fastest ways of communication over the internet and we have to use emails regularly in order to communicate with our friends, relatives, clients, colleagues, customers etc. With the advancement in technology computer systems are becoming faster as well as speed of internet. This speed saves our time by processing the tasks in the background faster. Email systems (at least Google Mail) are following this trend and trying to make our email experience even better.

How To Write Irresistible Email Messages For Your Email Marketing Campaign

With today the massive amount of products and information available in any marketplace, you have merely 2.9 seconds-yes, just 2.9 seconds-to hook a buyer’s interest and keep them reading and staying on your page… Write irresistible email messages for your email marketing campaign. Luckily, there are many ways to overcome this barrier and keep your prospects eyes glued and focus to your message.

How To Set Up An Email Marketing Campaign

Every email writer should have the capacity to understand “Empathy” and be beware of, be sensitive to, and vicariously experience and living the thoughts, feelings and experiences of another person. Frame-of-mind marketing emerges directly out of that feeling of empathy. Maybe some seem to have the inborn with the ability the good news is that empathy is not a genetic trait but, rather, a skill that anyone can learn.

How To Sell More And More To Your Online Customers With Emotional Emails

Here is the good news. There is the interesting phenomenon that occurs as a result of giving an “emotional” experience in your emails or sales page process: As soon as you have successfully engaged your prospects’ emotions, and your prospects as a result bought your products or services, more often than not the satisfaction and high they experience after they buy has very little to do with the product or service they purchased. The satisfaction factor persists even if buyers never use the product or service!

Get Your Emotional Emails To Work For You 24/7

Before you start writing effective and attractive emails you need to be certain that you pretty certain and understand what it is you are selling in your email. You are selling a product or a service eventually. But that is not what the main focus of your emails should be…

The Art Of Using Your Emails And Sales Page To Sell

“People Buy On Emotion And Justify With Logic” The aspect of “emotion” in your web page cannot be overstressed. The overemphasized principle: “People buy on emotion and justify with logic” often-for good reason. Emotion is such a strong element of the online sales process, one that is intricately connected with the psychology of the Online purchaser.

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