Real Talk w/Shack: iOS 14, Content Creation, Courses, Etc.

How do brands begin preparing for iOS 14?

In this video, we briefly talk about 3 primary ways:

1. Content Creation
2. Platform Diversification
3. Retention (Email + SMS)

Nick Shackelford (Shack) alongside a few of our team members, and some other paid media experts put together an incredible, 35 page guide on everything you need to know about iOS 14.

You can expect when reading this:

– background on why it’s happening
– what we can do about it NOW
– where our brands (100+) are going to be focused on
– resources so you can continue to educate yourself and prepare your business.

It’s free!

Link to the guide here:

About other parts of this video:

I’ve been in the email game for close to 6 years and prior to 2020, it was like pulling teeth to convince brands to invest into their email channel.

2020 was a pivotal year with everything that happened in the world to help convince the smart brands to take the necessary steps to build our their email program.

2021 is going to be even more important to double down on email (or for starting to take email seriously for the first time).

Brands didn’t have to focus on email before (although the smart brands did) because Facebook and Instagram made it too easy to scale. Now that Facebook and Instagram are getting harder, email is going to be play a much larger role in terms of revenue generation.

Nick and I both believe a ton in producing content. We give away so much free value and are present on all the major social networks (although we have platforms we care more about).

I personally am all in on Twitter and my newsletter. Shack is all in on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And yes I talk about my email marketing course a ton, but I do it because of the incredible feedback I’ve received. My course has literally changed the game for hundreds of brands, agencies, and freelancers.

For those that haven’t picked up my main course, you can learn more about it and purchase it here:

At this point I’ve had about 750-800 total people purchase my two courses and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

Email List Building – Do You Really Need to Be a Guru to Succeed With Email Marketing?

Many people would like to build an email list and start making money online but are afraid they have to be a Guru to succeed with email marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth. While the gurus are all over the internet promoting their huge launches with products that cost $1000 to $2000 a pop, most people looking for information are just searching for really good products that will actually help them.

Integrating Competing Online Marketing Strategies

Email has proven its immortality. It’s been stated time and time again that the email era has come to an end, particularly now with the advent of social networking sites. However, for every site you sign up with, you need an email address.

Advantages of Email Marketing in Online Marketing

Are you a online marketer? Then you should probably have practiced email marketing to popularize your website. If not, then you should do it. Email marketing is one of the popular criteria to increase the popularity of your website in internet.

How To Be A Wealthy Affiliate Through Email Marketing

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you may be wondering how to get started. Since there are a ton of affiliates out there, you may feel like there’s too much competition. A lot of other “new entrepreneurs” have review sites, forum links, or an info-site where they post their affiliate links.

Email Marketing Is Big, Really Big

Google commissioned a report, The Connected Kingdom, into the current state of the internet in the UK. The results are, even to those of us working in the industry, quite startling. A headline grabbing one was that it contributed some £100bn, that’s 7.2%, to gross domestic product in 2009 and another suggested the UK is a global leader in e-commerce.

Email List Building Woes – Why You Will Fail Trying to Build an Email List

The odds of you successfully building an email list and making any money with internet marketing are about 1 out of 1000. More likely the odds are 1 out of 10,000 but there are ways to approach this and beat the odds! Here are 5 simple methods to establish yourself on the internet and build an email list:

Value of Testing in Email Marketing

In the scope of email marketing testing is a great opportunity to improve the impact of the email campaigns, and ultimately, increase revenue. Testing is interrelated with segmentation. If you segment your list into smaller groups using some criteria (by the product name, or list name, or frequency, etc.), testing is the only way to know what each group is looking for.

Choosing the Right E-Mail Frequency: Part II

Think and answer honestly this question: “Do you send each message because you have some new, urgent, timely or relevant information for your subscribers, or because you just follow an email campaign schedule?” At a starting point you’ll want to look at the factors that can help you set useful frequency parameters.

Creating A/B Test Plan

So, now when you understand what the split test is and what variables you can test, here are some tips how you can prepare your A/B split testing: 1. Identify your test goals. You should clearly understand what you want to improve: open rate, click rate, click-through rate, conversions or anything else.

Designing a Better Email Template

In today’s e-business world, thousands of email newsletters are sent out everyday as a means of attracting customers. Often the newsletters are highly trusted and people buy products advertised in these newsletters. But often the newsletters get blocked, filtered or blacklisted. Let’s examine the reasons and solutions how to create the best email template.

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