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The Money is in the List

How often do we here this said, the money is in the list. One of the biggest money earners for internet marketing is email lists. They will go to any length to get your email address so they can add you to their list and send you emails.

Email Newsletter Subscriptions

Every book on direct email marketing and every such website as well, including this one, will give you a list of dont’s when it comes to getting past spam filters. There are words and phrases that must be avoided, limitations on the form your text should take, what you should not do with images and other such prohibitions. Lists, such as 20 Things to Avoid, abound.

B2B Email Marketing – 3 Mistakes Businesses Owners Make (Are You One of Them?)

B2B email marketing is still very much alive and kicking no matter what the pundits might say. With the world turning into a mobile population more and more business owners have access to emails on the go. The added benefit is that they actually read them.

How Do You Build Relationship With Your List Subscribers?

In order to have successful list building campaigns, it is imperative you have a good relationship with your list subscribers. Find out 5 tips on how to do so.

Learning the Right Way to Email Market to the Masses

Email is the only communications medium that links directly to another medium, the web. It is the most inexpensive tool for global communication. Email is a push communication channel in the sense that it delivers information to the user so all he or she has to do is receive it, unlike the web, which requires the user to actively retrieve the information, making it a pull channel.

E-mail – A Powerful Blog Marketing Tool

Are you looking for a marketing tool that will help you generate more visitors, leads, and profit to your website? Then you might want to embrace the power of email marketing.

Bulk Email Marketing – A Quick Snapshot

Email marketing is an effective way of targeting your current and prospective clients. In email marketing a mail is sent to your prospective and existing clients to make them aware of your products and services. It is a very effective form of marketing.

Your Deliverability Health – Crucial New Facts Your Webmaster “Forgot” to Mention

If you rely on your webmaster for good email deliverability then watch out. There are at least three distinct factors that can mean atrocious deliverability for your email marketing campaign. Crummy deliverability means crummy profits, so getting to the root of your deliverability problem is key to cranking up revenues.

What is the Best Day of the Week For Email Marketing?

In working with some of my coaching clients, they have chosen to integrate an email marketing campaign into their overall marketing strategy. One question that has come up more than once is what days are the best to send marketing emails. I’d like to answer that question in this article.

E-Mail Marketing Mania

E-mail marketing is exactly what the name indicates: it is when one advertises one’s product and communicates one’s ideas by sending e-mails to prospective clients. The purpose is that of normal advertising: to acquire a larger client base and to enhance the relationship and strengthen loyalty between company and client.

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