Newsletter Engagement, Acquisition and Monetization with Emanuel from Stacked Marketer

With all the recent attention on the newsletter space, I’m incredibly excited to share this interview I did with Emanuel Cinca.

Emanuel is the Founder of Stacked Marketer, a free, jam-packed five-minute newsletter enjoyed by over 17,000 marketers. Every weekday, you’ll receive current news, insights, tips and tricks for effective digital marketing, whether you advertise on social media, search engines, through affiliate networks, or popular emails like Dense Discovery

Stacked Marketer does 6 figures a year in revenue through newsletter sponsorships and partnerships.

In this interview we cover:
– The backstory on Stacked Marketer
– Why he sends his newsletter every day at the same exact time
– Engagement metrics on his first welcome email and what he tries to get people to do in the first email
– The split between curated and created content for Stacked Marketer
– Tools he uses and what his team looks like
– Engagement metrics on his daily campaigns
– How he segments and cleans his list
– How he acquires subscribers for his newsletter
– How he monetizes his newsletter

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Steps Involved in Developing an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is an effective and inexpensive way of reaching out to the untapped market of clients based over the internet. Almost every SEO company in India carries out email marketing campaigns on their clients’ behalf and helps them generate tremendous sales.

Up-To-Date Bulk Email Lists – A Big Boon For Online Marketing

Bulk email is essentially mail sent to a large number of people and in this sense bulk email lists are an integral part of online marketing campaigns. At times such bulk mails may have useful information that is dispatched to a specific targeted group of recipients through a business email list.

Email Marketing and Online Reputation Management

Email marketing is one of the most popular and cost effective ways of marketing your business online. But can email marketing be used to help with online reputation management? With email marketing your are able to manage your reputation online by sending campaigns that entice your recipient base to provide positive reviews of your company online.

How to Succeed in Your Responsive Email Marketing Campaign

If you want to increase your list and soon convert them into remarkable number of sales then learn to do responsive email marketing. This will help you get leads that will be converted as your loyal patrons who will bring you huge online success.

Email Campaign Management – DIY or Hire In?

Most businesses would agree that email marketing is a very useful, very powerful and ultimately successful form of marketing. Why, then, do a significant number of said businesses not actually have an email marketing campaign?

Solutions for Small Business Advertising

Today’s economy reflects an increase in the cost of everything we need to survive. Shelter, food, clothing, and every day expenses are constantly on the rise. So how is a company suppose to reach prospective customers while staying within their budget with even the cost of advertising getting higher as well?

What Is The Importance Of A Good Email Subject Line?

When you send email, it is necessary that you put a good email subject line. It must indicate what your email is all about. It should also be creative and catchy so your recipient will be enticed and will want to continue reading.

The Best Way To Attract Customers To Your Mailing List For Marketing

As you work on methods to attract customers, the convenience of having your own mailing list for marketing is that you have successfully established trust with your clients to buy from you in the future. Let’s explain what you need to do to have a powerful mailing list. There are some vital tasks you should do and mistakes you must never do when working to attract customers and build your mailing list for marketing online.

The Effectiveness of Email Marketing

To get the maximum amount of traffic to a website is the aim of all search engine optimizers. The effective marketing of your website in the internet will open a lot of opportunities for your business to flourish. Email marketing is one of the essential forms of marketing performed by an SEO.

Email Address Directory for Faster Mail Id Search

There are so many times when we want to reach someone, maybe for something important, but we do not have their email addresses. It is such dilemma that have led to some people missing some good chances in life, like maybe the email you could not send since you did not have the email address, that eventually caused you some high profile job, or some huge event that you did not get to, which ended up being the event of the year, and so many other meets that you did not make just because you did not have an email address.

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