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How to Write a Compelling Email

Today’s business person will spend hours at the tailor crafting a fine business suit, hours at a power lunch sweet talking their next big client and hours pouring over proposals or negotiations to try to get every last penny they can, and then spend 30 seconds banging out an important email that will single handedly cost them a dozen more potential clients. While grammar and spelling aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, knowing basic email rules is an absolute must in this day and age where email has taken over as the primary form of communication used in today’s business world. …

Email Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Most business professionals understand that when they step over the threshold at work each and every day, they are entering a professional environment where professional decorum is expected. For some reason, however, the same business professionals forget this little tidbit when they click over to their email. While there is no way to accurately quantify the number of clients that have been lost over the years due to inappropriate emails, the number is thought to be at least seven figures.

The Problem When Reading Your Emails

I do not know how many emails you get per day, but it could be hundreds depending on your activity. What can be dangerous when you start getting your inbox stuffed with promotional emails and “spams”, is if you start opening them and reading all of them, you will be losing a valuable time and energy. Time is so precious; we do not always realize it.

Generating Leads From Emails Once and For All

Emails can be a huge time consumer. Especially, if you are typing and sending them out individually, they can even be a time waster. There will be a time when you need to get personal with your email communications but your initial lead generating email does not need to be personal it needs to be informative.

Following Up With Direct Emails Closes Sales, and Automated Email Responders Can Help

Within the Internet marketing business arena, there are many important steps towards closing sales. Of course, gaining an email address from potential clients signing up on your website seems like it’s the most important part of the battle. However, many newcomers do not understand the importance of following up on a continual basis with clients.

How to Make Your Email Campaigns Tick

If you have tried email marketing and have found no good results, don’t get disheartened. Don’t dismiss it immediately thinking that email marketing does not work. It does work wonders, if done properly. For your campaign success, check if the following are intact before you roll out your next email campaigns:

Is Email Hiding Your Personality?

Email is so much easier to use for prospecting than the phone. You can write it at any time day or night. You don’t have to worry about being hung up on and you won’t catch your client “at a bad time.”

Quick Fix Christmas Marketing

Christmas is very near and if you haven’t already, then it is time to up your marketing campaigns and raise your online traffic and sales. If you are yet to start your Christmas marketing campaigns, then you need to get started right now.

Email Marketing Revealed – 3 Amazing Tips to Make Bag Loads of Cash With Email Marketing

An efficient internet marketer is known for his ability to showcase his product in the best possible manner. For this he/she tries techniques which are not only efficient but also cost effective.

Email Marketing Strategy – Learn How to Create a Strategy That Pumps Predictable Cash For You

A profitable email marketing strategy can be the differentiating factor between a successful marketing strategy and a not so successful online strategy. Let us discuss the basic steps to succeed through the means of email marketing.

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