Linking email campaigns

With AWeber’s automated email campaigns, you can link multiple series of emails together to create a chain of campaigns, taking your email automation to the next level.

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How and Why to Use Double Opt-In

E-mail marketing continues to be one of the easiest and most effective ways to market online if done correctly. It is affordable and can be used for several purposes, such as newsletters, e-mail courses, giveaways, group mailing, etc. And of the most important aspects of that sort of marketing is having a double opt-in list.

Is Your Competition Stealing Your Squeeze Page Visitors? Are You Sure?

Squeeze pages are simple one page sites that focus on getting people to opt-in to your email list. They are easy to set-up and highly effective and important to your list growing efforts. Let’s take a look at what these little gems are all about.

Strengthening Business by Using Email Marketing Campaigns

For decades, now, businesses have used email marketing campaigns that can reach out to their potential customers to get a profitable response. With respect to the company, marketing with email is actually enormously effective, however only when everything is designed plus targeted to take advantage of the most current E-marketing and advertising techniques and strategies.

The ABC of HTML Email Copywriting!

Email has become a powerful mode of communication thanks to its cost efficiency and speed of delivery. Writing for email is a different ball game; it calls for a different skill set and a different frame of mind. So it might be easy to get started but difficult to sustain the quality of writing–be it long copy or short copy.

Is Email Marketing Free?

This is a way of sending electronic messages to different audiences, clients or subscribers in a mailing list with the aim of increasing sales for a business or developing a loyal client or subscriber base. Contrary to what many think, email marketing is not entirely free. Although it is cheaper than conventional marketing, like placing ads in the media, the marketer would incur some costs like hiring of manpower to design, write the email messages, and to oversee the emailing of the marketing message.

How to Generate Floods of Leads

One of the most effective ways to get leads in today’s social media environment is through twitter. And that’s just one way to start getting leads. Let’s jump into a few more that work wonders for a lot of marketers.

Reach Your Target Market With Email Marketing Software

Let email marketing software help give you the boost you need. With automatic emails, newsletters and announcements, you can reach your target market with little effort or expense. Currently in the real estate market, buyers and sellers are looking for the very best deal they can get.

Let Email Marketing and Email Newsletters Help Grow Your Association

Growing membership is an integral part of a successful association. With the aid of email marketing software, you can not only reach new potential members but also maintain an interested and excited membership that keeps renewing each year. Through personalized emails and newsletters, you can provide a successful membership campaign without breaking your budget.

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Franchise

During harsh economic times, the internet can become a key component in the sustainability and success of your franchise. Through email marketing software, you can produce individualized emails, newsletters and coupons to increase franchise awareness and sales. With premade templates that allow you to quickly produce the emails you need, you can reach a wide target market with very low costs and a high return on investment.

Testing 1-2-3 Testing

Proper testing will give email marketers a competitive advantage when it comes to delivery and engagement. A message that is delivered to the inbox and is displayed properly when opened will always increase the effectiveness of any email marketing campaign.

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