Klaviyo: Q4 Email Marketing Guide (Free Klaviyo Tutorial & Q&A)

Tomorrow I’m going live with Klaviyo to talk about our Q4 Email Marketing Guide.

It’ll be a free, hour long Klaviyo Tutorial and Training so you can crush your Q4.

It’ll be about an hour long between our presentation and Q&A.

Cyber Weekend is the major event of Q4, but the surrounding weeks make the difference between a good and great performance. In 2020, Cyber Weekend sales grew by 21% while holiday season sales grew 32%, putting a spotlight on the importance of pre and post Cyber Weekend planning.

Join Diamond-rank Klaviyo partner Chase Dimond and the Klaviyo Customer Education team as we walk through specific steps and strategies to grow revenue in Q4.

In this session we’ll cover:

2020 stats and 2021 predictions
Preparation and foundation building leading up to Cyber Weekend
How to ace Cyber Weekend itself
Follow-up strategies to create repeat customers and increase LTV

Register for free here: https://app.livestorm.co/klaviyogrowth/q4-marketing-guide

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Selling by Email – Mistakes Most People Make

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1. Write a headline. Use something that gets your subscribers attention, yet is accurate.

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Your marketing success completely depends on how you approach them and apply different strategies. In an online business, there is no single strategy that works forever. With time, all strategies have to be changed or modified in some way to get successful results.

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