Influencers: How to Partner With Influencers to Build Shopify Stores

In this interview, Nano Stasiak, shares his fascinating business model of working with influencers.

It’s not your typical influencer arrangement where you engage with influencers and get them to post about your brand.

He actually partners with influencers to help them build Shopify Stores.

He and his team handle the entire frontend and backend operation of getting influencers setup with their own Shopify Stores, running the traffic, working and helping on product design, logistics, fulfillment, and more.

Nano shares his best advice on How to Partner With Influencers to Build Shopify Stores.

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About this agency: “Impulso” is a powerful word that stems from our founder’s Latin roots. In Latin, Impulso means momentum; one of the most powerful forces in the world, but only when it’s on your side. The concept of creating momentum runs through the center of everything we do. Our contagious energy, combined with hyper on-trend marketing tactics, defines our culture and sets our clients on an unstoppable winning streak.

As a full service digital media agency, we help brands leverage the tools necessary to prosper in today’s digital world – curating online experiences that transform users into followers, customers into ambassadors, and revenue into profit.

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Being Smart About Email Marketing

Just look around in any business and you will find competition is increasing day by day. Business minded people never miss a chance to find prospects where they can approach their direct marketing strategies. With the advancement of technology more and more people have turned online and started using emails. With this growth in email activities one must take advantage of email marketing.

Catchy Subjects For Email Marketing

However big your email subscribers list is if you fail to market your email with catchy subjects, you are not going to get any response. Your subscribers might not even open your email at all. Writing catchy subject lines is a first step towards email marketing success. Subject lines forms an overall impression of an email. As you know, people decide to open an email or not just by reading a subject line.

E-Mail Marketing – The Best Way Out For Small Business Marketing

It is not easy for any business to survive without using any or many form of marketing. Even big brothers are finding it difficult to push their product as the competition is getting tougher and tougher. There are many businesses that spend million dollars every year to market their products.

Profit Lance Training on Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very simple concept that is employed by affiliate marketers. The whole idea with this internet marketing strategy is that you collect a list of emails from individuals who visit your website.

Email Marketing Success – How to Write Emails For Your Autoresponder Campaign

When I first got into email marketing I didn’t know what I was doing. I did the research online and got information but in my mind it felt like I was doing something wrong.

Email Marketing Success – Why an Autoresponder Can Make You Lots of Money

If you are in internet marketing or thinking about internet marketing than I’m pretty sure you’ve come across someone talking to you about the importance of using an autoresponder. And based on personal experiences I’ve had an online business with and without autoresponders and the difference is noticeable. Having a business without an autoresponder is very hard to attain returning customers because the majority of customers are one time buyers if they do not get reminded about your business time and time again.

Email Marketing Success – Build Your List Like the Big Time Money Makers

In the internet marketing world, if you do not have some sort of autoresponding tool then chances are you will not make as much money as you anticipated. What would you rather have, a website that drives a lot of traffic but only has one time customers or a website that has returning customers that purchase monthly?

Learning About Email Marketing the Right Way

E-Mail marketing can bring you a great fortune and help you establish your business if you do it right way. These days most internet marketers use email marketing just to convert website visitors into prospects or subscribers. This is one of the best strategy to market yourself, your product or website but, email marketing can be done in many different ways that help you build relationship with your customers.

Email Marketing – How to Republish Your High Quality Content

If you are among smart affiliates, you certainly put much effort into writing high quality content. You write a helpful and most profitable blog post in your blog.

Email Marketing – How to Get Your Emails Opened

When sending out your email marketing messages, spend a lot of time on the subject lines and make sure you are sending from a respected ‘From,’ using a personal greeting, and arousing their interest with a great subject line. By doing just these three things, you will find you will increase your email marketing open rates.

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