How to Write Your Cold Emails with the Cold Email Wizard

In this cold email training, Daniel (aka the Cold Email Wizard), shares his exact process for how to write your cold emails.

This includes how to build to a leads list, how to write high converting first lines for your cold emails, and how to properly warm up your email account and send cold emails to your ideal prospects.

He also dives into the importance of having the right offer before you send your cold email campaigns.

He runs through a few real uses cases and examples of poor offers and good offers that you need to understand before you press send.

Daniel has a cold email marketing course where he’s close to 4,000 students to send cold emails that convert.

Here are the links mentioned in this video:

– Klean Leads scrapes from LinkedIn profiles, 500+ million Local Businesses, and 15+ million B2B emails. Link here:

– Quicklines: Write High Converting First Lines FASTER. Increase your open, response and call booking rates with our AI-powered first line generator and deep social data scraping. Link here:

– Mailerrize: YOUR COLD OUTREACH SOLUTION. Get Clients with Cold Email. Send automated campaigns, warm up email accounts, and use custom audiences to organize campaigns. Link here:

– Cold Email Mastery: 3,628 Freelancers & Agency Owners Used The Cold Email Mastery Framework To Generate Over $4,000,000. Link here:

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