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Effectiveness of Email Marketing – Part II

Creating Email Auto responders & Offers – When you are ready to write your actual email auto responder, there are a few things to consider. The first is what is your objective: Do you want prospects to click on a link within the email? Do you want to give? They could be directed to one of your affiliate links where you could attempt to bring in more affiliate income.

Everything You Need to Know to Create an Effective Email Signature

A well written, eye catching email signature will bring more traffic to your site. This is a powerful piece of advertising that is often overlooked.

E-mail Marketing – The Florists Under Used Tool

Discover a marketing technique most of your competitors will have never used. Learn how to use email marketing to build and grow your florist business without spending a fortune.

Email Marketing Basics and Why

When using email today there are certain rules you should abide by to not only get your message across to your reader but also to get your message read. Too many people format their email’s like they think they should be when what they really should be doing is formatting the way the reader is seeing it.

Why Emails Are Not Always the Best Strategy

Some sales people think using email to sell everything is the best idea. But truth be told, it is not. It is not a good idea to replace calls with emails when contacting with a potential client.

Pay Attention to Your Email Marketing Stats – You Might Be Missing Big Sales

If you’ve reached your goal number and haven’t prepared adequate follow-through for your subscribers, you will not be able to sustain your growth level. Opt in email marketing is like building and maintaining a large dam. You have to keep the water in but on any given day there is water going out. the same is true of email marketing.

Opt-In Email Marketing – The Best Way to Market Products

Opt-in email marketing is a result-oriented marketing strategy that gives a sure-shot way of increasing your customer base and thus earning high revenue. Opt for it now.

Exploring All the Opt-Ins

Sometimes technical terms are like the menu of a coffee bar that can leave you scratching your head. The email marketing menu lists items like “opt-in,” “opt-out,” “single opt-in,” “unconfirmed opt-in,” “confirmed opt-in,” and “double opt-in.” Articles about mass email marketing often assume their audience is up to speed on all these terms.

Using Viral Email Marketing to Build a Bigger List

Building a bigger list is a major concern of every Internet marketer. We’ll show you how to use viral e-mail marketing to let other people spread the word about your products or services.

Deliverability Issues Are (Mostly) Not Message Related

Recently I did some testing based on complaints about failed email deliverability to some standard free email accounts (Windows Live Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo). Using a basic HTML message based on a basic template, I ran some tests. All the emails had the same innocuous subject line and were HTML messages, since it is well established that plain text email messages are highly deliverable. None of the email accounts had the sender address added to the address book to avoid the junk folder.

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