How to Make an Interactive Email with AMP: presented by Dave Stys and Jeni McGuigan

Join AWeber’s very own Dave Stys and Jeni McGuigan as they explore the exciting new world of AMP in email. AMP gives you the ability to add interactive elements to your email that can update dynamically.

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Clean Email List

So you think you have a targeted mailing list, a great offer and a compelling call to action? All the elements of successful email marketing depend on one factor – having valid email addresses on your list. If you have already started building your mailing list, make sure you have valid email addresses.

The Benefits of Viral Email Marketing

Viral emails are a great way to promote and market your goods. They basically consist of using emails to campaign, organize offers and spread the word to get more customers. For example, if your campaign strikes a chord with your readers, they will in turn forward the mail to their friends, and in this way, the number of customers will keep increasing.

Email Marketing Software – Convenient and Popular

Email marketing software is a new convenient and popular tool. Learn how to improve your business with direct email marketing.

Bulk Email – A Guide to Reports

Bulk email marketing has picked up pace in a very big way. Organizations small and large are promoting their products, advertising their services and touching base with potential customers using bulk email.

All About Auto Responders

Auto responders are one thing that is great for internet marketers. Even though the real name for this is auto responder, there are many other names it is known as like an e-mail responder or a mailbot or bulk e-mailer. The auto responder is really a great times aver, because it will give automatic responses when it is e-mailed.

HTML Email – Why it is Better Than Text

Plain text mail can have no pictures, colors in the text, different types of fonts, hyperlinks or other graphics. It is for these reasons that plain text mail falls short of what is required for the sender to prepare a dressed up mail.

Sending Email – Single Or Confirmed Opt In?

Email marketing has become as common as coffee. The world market seems to have taken a liking to both. Sending email to advertise and promote products is the new marketing mantra.

News Letter Layouts – What Works, What Doesn’t

The layout of a newsletter is very important. Ask yourself if you would open your own newsletter the way it has been presented.

Email Campaigns 101 – Five Ways to Get Started

Five ways to help you get started in marketing by email. These will include help with content and consistency.

Do You Create a Sense of Continuity Within Your Email Campaigns?

I have been doing quite a bit of work recently on email marketing campaigns. Mostly for larger-sized companies. And something has struck me. There is often no continuity within the communications. It’s as if each email is the first email ever sent to that prospect or customer.

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