How to increase email campaign opens by 19% with videos
In this video Terri B Jones share video marketing and email marketing trends to increase your email campaign open rate by 19% when you have video in the subject line and in the body of your email.
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Becoming Successful Online With Email Marketing

One of the surest ways to become successful online is by implementing an effective marketing campaign through email! Read on to discover the 3 objectives you must fulfill when managing your email contact list to significantly boost your sales!

Use Good SMTP Mail Server Software to Ensure Problem Free Mail Sending

Promotion via e-mail is a relatively new idea in the field of online marketing. With the help of e-mail marketing you can notify buyers or customers as well as current customers and customers about your company improvements. In general attaining out to individuals to notify them about your company means advertising in magazines or television or putting up hoardings.

4 Deadly Sins: Why Email Marketing Campaigns Fail!

There is always a lot of talk amongst marketing circles especially online, about which one form of marketing is better or more effective then the other. Email Marketing is often and always in the mix and because some people have failed at it, they will bash it. Truth is email marketing is amazingly rewarding when done correctly. To those who have failed at it, here are 4 deadly sins of why email marketing campaigns fail.

4 Solid Reasons Why Email Marketing Is King!

If you have been around in online marketing for any length of time, then you might have come across the phrase “The Money Is In The List”. This phrase could not be any true and here are my top 4 reasons of why email marketing is is a great way to do marketing for your products or services, and if done correctly it can provide you with a forever flowing stream of good income.

Guide to Understanding the Email Lifecycle

Much like other forms of marketing, email campaigns also have a lifecycle that varies based mostly on the relationship you build with subscribers/customers. Persuading subscribers to move through the lifecycle to become single- and multi-customers requires you to get to know subscribers over time so you can send content and offers that are of real value.

Stop Wasting Time on Inactive Subscribers!

Wasting your precious time on those who will never buy from you will only cost you money in the end. And even if your one of those people that thinks (or hopes) that one day you will reach inactive subscribers with your eloquent words and witty email content, you won’t. Inactive subscribers are that way for a reason – they want to be.

More Subscribers May Not Lead to More Sales

Having a long list of subscribers may or may not lead to more sales. While conventional wisdom may convince you that the more people on your list, the more sales you will make if your list isn’t filled with those VERY interested in what you have to sell, it doesn’t matter whether you have one hundred or one million people on your list.

3 Ways to Optimize Email for Touch Screens

Many smartphones have touch screens that allow people to click through, scroll and perform other actions using their finger tips. And while this has made smartphone use more convenient, email marketers have to be aware of these new features to make email content more interactive and useful for those with touch screen capabilities.

3 Tips for Launching a Daily Email Campaign

The idea of sending daily email messages may seem to go against every other piece of marketing advice you’ve been given when it comes to online sales, but if done correctly, the results can be very positive. The following tips will provide you some ideas to get you started.

Example Email Marketing Campaign

In this article I am going to provide you with an example of how to construct an effective marketing campaign. You could use it as a template to start creating your own.

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