How To Identify and Automate Micro-Influencer Marketing With Brett & Bob From Gatsby

Brett is the CEO & Bob is the Director of Sales at Gatsby.

Gatsby helps brands capture, engage and grow their social customers at scale.

In this episode we talk about identifying and automating micro-influencer marketing.

Brett also talks about the origin story of Gatsby and how at the time he started the business, there was a duopoly that existed in terms of customer acquisition. Brands were largely (and sometimes solely) dependent on Facebook/Instagram and Google.

He wanted to help brands create scale outside just paid advertising and help brands who did influencer marketing manually, automate those efforts.

You can find Gatsby here:

You can email them hello @

6 Simple Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is by far one of the most efficient ways to market your products and services. It allows you to keep a close contact with your prospects and do some follow up, which are all crucial aspects of an effective marketing campaign.

The Use of Broadcast Messages and Follow-Up Messages in Your Online Business

There are two very important tools that you will use often in your online business and they are: broadcast messages and follow-up messages. To use these messages tools effectively, you will need an autoresponder, so choose wisely and choose the best.

Email Marketing – Why You Need To Master It

Whether you are promoting an eBook, working as an affiliate marketers, or promoting your brick and mortar business, eventually you will find that email marketing is one of, if not THE, best ways to promote yourself, you company, and your products. Email marketing, though, is a form of permission marketing and there are some very strict rules about when and how you can employ it.

Build Engagement With Transactional Emails

The transactional message is the most relevant email you can send because it’s triggered by a consumer’s actual behavior. Recipients highly value transactional messages, too. These messages produce open, click-through and conversion rates that are typically 2-3 times those of broadcast emails.

Book Promotion Using Email Marketing Promotion

You have labored hard and dedicated time and effort to write your book for months. It is finally completed and you felt a sense of satisfaction emanating from within you. Being a smart author, you do realize that a good book written is only as good as a pile of white paper if the knowledge within is not delivered to the readers it is written for. It is akin to shouting out in a secluded island where nobody can hear you. Now the next thing to do would be to ensure that your target audience gets a hold of a copy each! So how do you go about doing that? How about doing a book promotion using email marketing promotion to push sales through the roof?

Email Marketing – How To Write Email Subject That Get Results

Email marketing is all about getting the variables right. One of the main variables is the email subject line. Your email subject line is like the headline of your article or the title of your book.

How To Build A List Of Email Subscribers

Various businesses decide to mail prospects a complimentary newsletter to create an email list. However there are more ways regarding how to build a list. Sometimes developing a newsletter really does not make any sense for your business. Such as, if you happen to trade dishwashers, how much information could you send your customers, each day, on dishwashers?. So, instead allow me to share a couple of other options for increasing your opt-in list and help you on the road of how to build a list.

Cart Recovery Emails Help You Capture “Lost” Revenue

Imagine what would happen if 7 of 10 shoppers at your neighborhood superstore left carts full of merchandise and headed for the exits. This situation happens every day to online businesses, where 70 percent of conversion processes are abandoned before completion, according to shopping cart recovery services provider SeeWhy. Cart recovery emails help you reclaim sales and customers that might have otherwise gone to competitors or who simply forgot to come back and complete the purchase.

Internet Marketing: Can You Survive In The Crowded Market Place Without Positioning?

In online marketing, positioning is a process by which internet marketers try to create a strong image or identity in the minds of their target market for its brand equity, online presence and product. Why is your business different and what is it that make you stand out in the market place?

A Few Things You Should Avoid When Getting Started in E-Mail Marketing

Looking for more information on what not to do when pursuing an e-mail marketing campaign? Find out more here…

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