How to Grow Your Personal Brand on Social Media | How to Land Clients

In this video, JK Molina, shares everything he knows about How to Grow Your Personal Brand on Social Media.

He also talks about ways in which to leverage your personal brand and influence in order to land clients.

If you’re interested in growing your personal brand and figuring out how to land clients, this video is for you.

For context, JK Molina has 44,600 followers on Twitter and has helped dozens of others acquire tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter too.

There are 5 things that make a Twitter account really good and help you grow your personal brand:


2. Engagement

3. Sales

4. Email Subscribers

5. Deals on the backend

Every time you see a viral tweet, you want to study why it did well. Focus on studying the format and word play is the obvious ones to look at, but there’s way more to it than this.

For more tips and tricks on how to grow your personal brand on social media and how to land clients, watch this interview.

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