How to Get More Backlinks (FAST)

One of the key factors to ranking high on Google is to get more websites to link to you, but how do you get these links and how do you get them efficiently and quickly? Today I’m going to teach you how to build backlinks fast.


Now I want you to go the homepage. And when you go there, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on Tools. When you click on Tools, you’ll see an option for Backlinks checker, and I want you to click on that. And then I want you to type in your domain.

Now keep in mind, if your website hasn’t been up that long, you may have little to no backlinks and no data here, and I’ll show you what to do in a bit if that’s the case.

But first of, let’s go through the process assuming you do have people linking to you. You’ll see an overview of your domain authority, your backlinks, referring domains, organic traffic, links over time, new and lost links, anchor text, distribution right here, that’s words people are using in the links, and the domain authority of the sites linking to you.

Now the green ones are good. You don’t have to worry about that for your website. The red ones though, they’re bad. Why did someone remove the link? So I’m going to click here. There’s 79 lost, and I’m going to then click on Lost, and what you’ll find out is some of these will be good, like good sites that you’ve lost the link from, and some of them will be spammy, like junk sites.

And what you’ll want to do is just send out an email to them. And that’s it. And either some people will ignore your email or they’ll tell you why they don’t want to link to you and maybe you can take that feedback and fix it, and then get them to add a link back, or they’ll add a link back. And just doing this process will help you get a lot of links.

The other thing I want you to do, and let’s go back to Ubersuggest, and let’s go back to the backlinks here because we’re in the new and lost link. I can do this also with my competition. Remember I said if you don’t really have any new or lost links because you haven’t really built any, you would want to put in your competitor name. So let’s say I put in Moz, M-O-Z. And I can see how many links they have, as well as new and lost on a daily basis.

Now I can do this same thing with Moz, and I more so, instead of want to looking at their lost links, I want to more so look at their new links, right? The new link shows you how many new people are linking to them on a regular basis. The lost links will show them how many people or how many links they’ve lost.

So I’m typing in Neil Patel in the find search box in my browser. And as you can see here, they don’t link to it. So then what I would do is, again, user, find this person’s email address for any of these sites, and email them.

And then when you take this, because they recently link to them, that means they’ve updated their site and they’re recently willing to or they’ll be willing to link to yo as well because they’re constantly updating their site.

If you look at really old data that’s two years old, it’s irrelevant because if someone add the links two years ago, it doesn’t mean they’re going to add links today. And I would just go through the list and do this for all my competitors email them on how I’m a good fit and send a customized email and over time if you do this on a weekly basis, you don’t have to do this daily, but just do it weekly, you’ll start building a lot of links.

It really is that simple. If you have more time, do this daily for 30 minutes a day or weekly for an hour. And over time, you’ll notice that you built a lot of links and your rankings will increase.

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