How to Find Lucrative Link-Building Opportunities in Under 60 Seconds

Links are one of the key ingredients to ranking high on Google. But how do you find sites that are willing to link to you? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to break down how to find lucrative link opportunities in under 60 Seconds.


Let’s say you’re competing with, I want you to enter in your competitor’s domain, not your own, but your competitors. And then just click search. It’ll load up this report in Ubersuggest, this is the backlinks report that breaks down all the back links that your competitors have.

It breaks on their domain authority, their backlinks, their referring domain names, that’s how many new unique websites are linking to them, right? Specific domains, not just pages, and then organic monthly traffic that they’re getting.

And then as you can see here it has their link graph of over time of how many new referring domains that are linking to them. If it’s going down, if it’s going up, and it’ll show you their new links that they’re gaining each and every single day, as well as their lost links that they’re losing each and every single day.

And I want you to go through, and I want you to first click on advanced filters and there’s include/exclude referring domains, exact matching, enter domain name.

The first I want you to do is click on follow. So this only shows you the links that are followed, because the no-follow ones don’t really help increase your rankings.

Then you want to make sure the one link per domain is clicked and highlighted in orange. And as long as you do that, you’re fine. And then what I want you to do is type in domains that include anchor, that contains any of the keywords that you’re going after.

So I’m going after, let’s say SEO, and I’ll click apply. And this will start showing me all the links it’s loading. It’ll show me all the links that have the word SEO in there. And what I want you to do is do this for your competition and then go to each of the websites that has linked to them. You just click this arrow where it says source, okay?

And I’m doing this for a few of the sites. So Webflow, business SEO, Qe box, and you’d want to go through them, start reaching out to some of these sites and say, hey, I noticed you link out to Neil Patel and his article on what is SEO. I have a more detailed article that not only breaks down what SEO is, but how to leverage it and how to do it in three simple steps. So I’m Googling here for SEO.

Although this article has a pop-up, let’s see if I can find it really quickly. So SEO, let’s see if that was a link to me. Nope, that’s a link to themselves. May take a little bit Google own Starter Guide, Support Google, that’s another business one. Let’s see if I can keep scrolling on, mine say beginner’s guide. In his thorough blog to that, that’s to me. So, in thorough guide to Bing SEO, so this links to my Bing SEO article.

Now, if you’re struggling to find, hey who do I contact at, look for author and you just Google from, or you can go to So let’s go there. And the company is I think it’s There you go, 27 results. And sometimes you’ll be able to find the exact email of that person. Sometimes you’ll see it for other people, and that’s fine pick someone at that company.

Ideally, the ideal person who wrote the article and just message them. And with Hunter, you can sign up for a free account and you can get 50 free searches. And this is the process I use to find the email address, do outreach and contact each of these people and try to build links.

It’s a tedious task. It works. It’ll generate you more links, do this with each of your competitors, find the relevant articles that are linking out to them, and try to convince them to link out to you.

Don’t focus on domain authority or anything like that. Just focus on quality links, and the easiest way to figure out who linked to you is people who linked to your competitors and they link to other similar articles.

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