How to add a buy button to your landing page

A landing page can be a powerful list bundling tool, but you can also easily add a buy button to your landing page in AWeber. Start selling your product or service in just a few clicks!

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How to Create an E-newsletter That Gets Opened

Junk mail. SPAM. We all know about these pesky e-newsletters and email blasts that show up uninvited in our inboxes. Most recipients simply hit delete, a few may actually unsubscribe to the e-newsletter they never subscribed to and sometimes a handful may even blacklist or report this SPAM to the “authorities.”

Do You Have a Mailing List Yet?

My biggest mistake in the past was not creating a mailing list soon enough. I helped build a co-registration system for Robert Puddy years before I actually had a list, and saved all the e-mails before I had a use for them, and by the time I marketed to those leads, they were completely stale and unusable. If I had to start from scratch, I would quickly setup a mailing list and a squeeze page from day one, and then start developing and marketing my own infoproducts. If you don’t have a list yet, get one! If you don’t have a special list for customers who have already bought, get one! If you don’t have a separate sublist for every product or you offer (free or paid) start doing it.

4 Ways to Use Email to Close the Sale

Email marketing is designed to lead to a sale. These four techniques will help you convert your prospect into a customer.

E-Mail Marketing List – Basics Explained!

As soon as I put my foot through the door to Internet Marketing domain, I was confronted with calls for list building. With every move that I made to familiarize myself in this new market, emphasis was placed on the importance of having your own list. It became apparent that without my own list, it would be very difficult to build a successful work from home business. It was clear that I had to develop a list and needed to learn the steps that would guide me through the process.

3 Easy Steps to Get Your Email Delivered, Read – And Boost Sales!

Everyone that’s signed up for an e-newsletter, e-course, downloads, or buys products or services online gets “e-blasted” daily with promotional email. So-if you’re using email to market to potential customers, how do you increase the probability that you email messages get delivered and read in a time of SPAM filers? Here are some great tips from Jimmy D. Brown, author of, “How to Actually Produce Profits By Using the Power of Email Marketing”.

Email Copy Made Easy – How Often Should You Send Out Your Follow Up Emails?

Email frequency is hotly debated topic in the online marketing world. Some marketers send emails out every day, once a week or once a month. Some people send out two or three a day. But what’s the best way to do it?

Email Copy Made Easy – How is Writing Emails to Customers Different Than Writing to Prospects?

In the seventh and final article of the Email Copy Made Easy series, “The 7 Biggest FAQs About Writing Emails and Autoresponders”, we’ll uncovers the subtle (but crucial) copy changes you must make when writing emails for customers vs prospects. These small tweaks will make huge differences in your bottom line, and help you establish a closer, more intimate relationship with your buyers.

Discover 9 Secrets For Highly Effective Email Marketing

An Email Marketing Campaign is more than just a visually pleasing email. What is then, the anatomy of a Highly Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

Email Marketing – Isn’t That Passe?

There was a time in the not too distant past when email was the primary way to communicate over the internet. Email was also the way to market over the web. But with all the novel ways to communicate over the internet these days, email appears to have taken a back seat to these other internet marketing formats. Today with instant messaging, web feeds, RSS, and social networking, among other things, using email for marketing purposes seems rather outdated to some. Some Johnny-come-latelys aren’t even certain of what email marketing is.

Email Copy Made Easy – How Can I Get More Emails Delivered?

In the sixth article of the Email Copy Made Easy series, “The 7 Biggest FAQs About Writing Emails and Autoresponders”, we’ll unlocks the secret techniques for getting more emails delivered to your prospects (and more cash in your pocket). These 3 simple tactics will help you overcome the spam filters and get your follow up messages delivered right where you want them: in front of your prospects’ eyes.

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