How Email & SMS Work Together With Chase Dimond & Bea Doheny

SMS Marketing isn’t a topic I normally discuss, nor is this interview in the typical format of my podcast.

However, I’m starting to get a lot of inbound questions about SMS, so I wanted to get this content out in a timely manner.

This episode covers 2 main things:

1. How Email and SMS work together?

2. Different types of SMS campaigns and ways to reach out to customers

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Advantages of Email Marketing Software

Year over year, email marketing continues to gain popularity with business owners. The simplicity and great value afforded by the set of email marketing software applications in the market today make it an easy tool to use that is simple to deploy. In addition, email marketing, when done correctly, can yield substantial benefits.

Email Based Surveys

Surveys are a great way to find out what your customers think and want. Knowing your customers’ attitudes to, and perceptions of, your product and services is vital to the future direction of your company.

Email Marketing:The Social Media Is The Perfect Marketing Tool To Complement Your Marketing Campaign

The internet is often called the “The Information Superhighway” without its reason. Since its evolution from the mainframe to the personal computer, the internet has taken the role of connecting web pages and websites across the globe. This information superhighway has directly connects millions of people, each both a consumer of information and a producer of information.

5 Steps to Building a Responsive Email Marketing List

Building a profitable business takes time and energy. But using effective strategies such as creating a strong, responsive email marketing list can shave months if not years off of your efforts so that you can enjoy your business sooner rather than later.

Do You Have an Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

As an internet marketer embarking on an email marketing campaign, you will find that it is the most effective business marketing model ever device. You may think that many internet marketers would think that these campaigns are always connected with spamming and refrain from following this marketing method. But many are willing to spend a great deal of time and effort into building their online business using email as their platform of self advertising.

Email Marketing: 3 Reasons Why You Should Write Articles To Boost Your Traffic To Your Website

When millions of your audience do their search using the search engine, they either key in a keyword or a combination of words or phrase to identify what they are looking for. When these keywords are typed on search boxes of search engines, and if your indexed website or blogs containing articles with those keywords or phrase your audience is searching for will be displayed. And this is what leads massive traffic to your websites with keyword-rich articles.

How To Improve How Your Company Manages Targeted Email Lists

By improving your list management processes, you can see a higher response rate for email blasts sent to targeted email lists. While most companies understand how important it is to find qualified leads and reach out to them often, many do not take advantage of the benefits that can be seen by increasing the specificity of their email copy.

Email Marketing: Writing Articles To Success

Generally when people search the internet they are primarily looking for information to entertain, educate, to learn or to buy something. They seek information to solve their own problems. It is every human desire to gain pleasure, to avoid pain and to reduce or eliminate loss or discomfort.

Permission-Based Email Marketing: Make Money Without The Headache

It is amazing how fast you can make money online using permission-based email, or people who have opt-in to your list, if you followed the right strategies in email marketing. You are legally allowed to send emails offers and messages to your targeted group of subscribers.

Email Marketing: Here Are The Secrets Of The Opt-In Page

An email opt-in list begins when your audience who have subscribed for more information about your product, services or brand or simply to ask for a free offer or gifts that interest them. However, they many more who may visit your site direct whose emails you will also want to add on to your lists of subscriber. To ensure visibility, you will have your opt-in form in your page right at the top or bottom right hand corner.

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