How do I use the “and/or” search function with tags?

Tags are keywords or phrases that help you group subscribers together and send them specific messages. Your subscribers may have different tags applied and you can target each of them through the “or” search. You can also search for subscribers that have a set of tags applied to their information. This and/or search function will work for up to 10 unique tags.

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Zimbra – New Revolution For The Mailing Services

May it be a small sized business or an established one; there is an ever increasing requirement for secure mailing solutions. Introducing the Zimbra email solution in the business can do wonders for the connectivity with the clients and customers to manage load balancing, enterprise storage and database hosting.

The Basics for Email Marketing – How to Write a Catchy Email

There are 4 things you need to write a catchy email, you need an engaging “From” line, a subject line that peaks interest, content that’s targeted and informative, and a CTA (Call To Action). Don’t take these 4 areas lightly. They are the basic foundations for email marketing and writing catchy emails.

8 Email Marketing Tips That Can Help Increase Sales

Email marketing is an imperative part of any form of Internet marketing because it allows you to keep in touch with your leads. You can send them freebies to keep them interested such as free reports, give them information that will help them or even send your leads discounts on your products or services. What you do with your email marketing campaign is entirely up to you.

The Secrets of Building Up a Huge List of Email Addresses

Learn how and how not to go about building up a huge opt-in email list – fast. Learn free and low cost strategies to get an abundance of sign-ups. And, provided they are cost effective, how to tap into paid sources.

3 Signs You Need a Pro Email Copywriter

Hiring an email copywriter can be a big decision – for many site owners it’s a significant investment. But if you ask around, you’ll find most of the top Internet marketers don’t write their own email copy. They pay someone like me to write it for them – and then they sit back and relax as my emails get sent out to their lists to make them money.

Introduction to Email Marketing, Autoresponders, and Squeeze Pages

This article will assist you in learning the basics of email marketing – from autoresponders, to squeeze pages, and content control. Learn why creating a list is paramount to your success and how to do it.

7 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Your Open Rates and Your Conversions

Despite rumors to the contrary, email marketing is quite well thank you. In fact, according to customer relationship marketers Merkle, reading email is the no. 1 activity on Internet enabled mobile devices.

How to Start an E-Mail Marketing Campaign Part 2 of 3

  In the previous article we discussed getting your email campaign started, with the following steps: Analyzing the goal of your email campaign, building your own email list, and understanding and adhering to all relevant legislation. In this article we will discuss the basics in creating the content of your email. Writing the content of an email campaign can be a bit tricky.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Email Campaigns

With more businesses using email marketing, they should know what works and what doesn’t. Here are tips for creating more effective email campaigns. I can show you how to create lead generation tools that get a reaction.

7 Steps to Creating a Promotional Email to Draw Clients to You

An early step I take with my Platinum clients is to walk them through having a marketing conversation with potential clients so they quickly start to grow their business. One of the effective strategies to set up that conversation is to send out a promotional email.

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