How Do I Do SMS Marketing? SMS Marketing Tutorial | SMS Marketing Tips and Tricks

Master SMS Marketing with the help of this SMS Marketing Tutorial from Lisa Popovici.

This presentation today is for those of you who have ever asked: How Do I Do SMS Marketing?

Lisa is one of the top SMS Marketing Experts and she’ll be sharing her best SMS Marketing Tips and Tricks.

In-particular, here’s what you’ll learn in today’s SMS Marketing Tutorial:
– 5 mistakes that can kill your SMS Marketing channel
– 4 ways to build your SMS Marketing community
– 3 avenues to retain customers
– 2 SMS Marketing success stories
– 1 anatomy of a memorable SMS conversation

Here’s a sneak peek of today’s content:

5 mistakes that can kill your SMS channel:

1. Sending texts without shopper consent

2. Not replying to texts

3. Sending too many texts (more is not better)

4. Texting during quiet hours (eg: midnight)

5. Sending texts from shared phone numbers

Lisa mentioned she’ll respond to any questions you have on SMS and Text Message Marketing (drop those in the comment section).

About Lisa:

She’s the Cofounder of Cartloop. Cartloop is the conversational SMS marketing app for Shopify. Speech balloon Used by hundreds of brands, loved by millions of shoppers. Try their Shopify app for free!

She mad a very generous offer for all listeners/viewers: “We’d be happy to offer 1 month of free trial + 1K free campaign credits for your audience. The leads coming from your end just have to say they are coming from Chase and we’ll automatically extend their trials.”

Reach out to Lisa and her team here:

Connect with Lisa on Twitter here:

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Internet Marketing – How to Use Email Marketing Strategies to Build Your Online Business

Email marketing strategies as a means to build your online business is still one of the most important, popular and effective online tools for marketing. The reason it is so much popular is that it is very cheap. Despite people knowing that hundreds or thousands of people received the same e-mail there is still something about receiving a personal message from a business about their products and services that helps people know, like and trust you.

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How Does Email Marketing Help Grow Your Business?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of producing sales. It can make you become productive in just small amount of time working on it.

Use of Email in Your Online Business

If you are running an online business be sure to provide an easy way for your customers or potential customers to email you. If you must use a form, make it as easy to use as possible. It is best to provide an email address where people can contact you.

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E-mail Marketing is a powerful tool for customer acquisition & lead generation. Unlike traditional direct mails, e-mail messages are easy to track. Advertisers use systems that will keep track of all their customers’ activities, such as click-throughs, read mail, bounced emails and forms they have filled out. These mechanisms can be used to measure open rates, positive or negative responses, and to correlate sales with marketing. An email marketing campaign is a very effective tool for any business if it is done correctly.

Email Marketing Provider is Essential

For any online business, communication with the clients is need and should be considered as an important strategy for your business to profit. In the world of internet, it is used to communicate with many prospect clients and build good business relationship with them.

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Email marketing is a very effective way to build an internet business, especially if you plan to stick around for awhile. With a list of subscribers you essentially are developing your own marketshare and are positioning yourself as an authority within your market. In this article I’m going to give you one of the most effective email marketing tips for building a list of responsive subscribers.

Managing Your E-Mail Like an Inbox Ninja

There’s a tremendous amount of mental relief that comes when all of your inboxes sit at zero by the time you’re done checking your e-mail throughout the day. For most people, this probably sounds like an impossible task. After all, a friend of mine just returned home from a trip and had to process over 300 new e-mails, let alone all the old messages that sat untended in his inbox.

Targeted Opt in Email Marketing – Getting the Opt In

If you want to create wealth online it’s imperative that you start building a list of subscribers starting today. The most successful marketers on the internet all have one thing in common…

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