Growing your List with Social Media: presented by Jessica Snavely from AWeber

Social media can be a great way to reach a new audience, but did you know it’s also a great way to grow your email list? Join Jessica Snavely from AWeber for some tips on how to use Facebook, Instagram and more to help get more subscribers.

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Integrating Social Media Into Your Email Strategy

Social media is all the rage today and marketers everywhere are trying to decode its formula for success. Their aim, like yours, is to unlock the potential for transforming tweets, texts and daily status updates into real-world revenue. Seems simple enough… but is it as easy as it sounds?

Attractive Email With CSS

Too many marketing emails rely on nonstandard, browser-specific or obsolete HTML. Inline CSS is the key to attractive HTML emails that degrade gracefully and render properly in all email clients.

Basics of Email Etiquette

While writing an email, you should write in the manner so that the customer finds you trustworthy and confident in working with you. Mentioned below are some basics of email etiquette:

Email Marketing – 4 Killer Tips For Beginners

So, you’re starting to build a list with an autoresponder but are unsure of exactly what to write in your emails. It is a common dilemma of what to say in your emails especially in the beginning. Here are some tips to help you out.

The Use of Links on Email Marketing

One of the key elements that generally helps to distinguish direct marketing campaigns from advertising is the fact that a marketing campaign seeks to provoke an action more or less immediate in the receiver. Naturally, email marketing is quicker to provoke an action in the receiver because of its interactive nature. The response from the receiver is immediate.

Sales With Email – The Top 5 Email Mistakes Never to Send to Your List If You Want a Sale

This article is good for anyone that is selling using email marketing. Your sales are dependent upon your relationship to your list, and if you make these mistakes, you will lose people off your list, and never make a sale.

Do You Use Email Lists For Marketing Campaigns?

Anyone doing any serious Internet marketing has to have email campaigns as part of their overall marketing plan. Email marketing should be an integral part of any online marketing campaign.

Mid-Year Email Marketing Review

The time couldn’t be better to take an objective look at your email marketing campaign and assess any changes or fixes that need to be made. What kinds of things should you look for? Here are a few pointers to get you started:

Bulk Email Software – A Beginner’s Guide

It is virtually impossible to handle your email marketing campaign without bulk email software. ‘Why?’ The answer’s simple, there’s just way too many things to keep track of!

How to Write Successful Subject Lines For Email Marketing Campaigns

Done right, subject lines can get your emails read. Poorly constructed, they could be glossed over or, worse, sent to trash, along with the lottery and pharmacy spam.

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