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Why E-mail Marketing?

What is E-mail Marketing and how can your business benefit by using it? The simplest definition of E-mail Marketing is: a form of direct marketing which utilizes email as a means of communicating with your target market.

Email Marketing Plan of Attack to Increase Holiday Sales

Many retailers are worried about the dire state of the economy and are forecasting meager holiday sales. Here’s a great plan of attack for using email marketing to supplement your sales during the holiday – and beyond.

7 Reasons Why You Need to Put Your Email Messages on a Slimming Diet

A narrow message allows you to scan through it quickly. Your message can be absorbed in a single glance. The vision in our eyes can only see detail in a small area of the screen; Everything on the periphery is ignored. Peripheral vision is designed to detect movement. Always be respectful of human physiology.

Email Marketing – How I Get My Emails Past Spam Filters

Are you wasting your time sending emails to your customers? It has been estimated that over half of emails sent never make it to the Inbox. Don’t waste your time! Learn how to get your legitimate email past those spam filters.

Golf Course Email Marketing – Are You Blacklisted?

For those of you operators who have started to think outside the box and start growing your own customer database, some of you may have experience being black listed or grey listed. Blacklists help keep the Internet clear of unsolicited email by giving mail providers a list of naughty email senders they can automatically block and keep away from inboxes.

Shine Your Online Businesses With an Email Marketing Company

Just do not hire an email marketing company without having any prior knowledge about it. There are many email marketing companies in the online market which will help you out. But you should know how to get the particular email marketing company which will meet all your expectations.

Tips to Boost Email Marketing Solution During Poor Economy

When buzzes and news on current critical condition of economy are predominant, most of the companies consider shrinking their budget to wither poor condition. Recession in the market push plenty of companies doom to failure and exist. In such condition, inexpensive online marketing solutions like email marketing services comes as the perfect aid to those companies to meet up their promotional target.

Convert One-Time Customers Into Loyal Ones With Email Marketing Campaign

If you have a fine dining restaurant or an online e-commerce store, email marketing campaign is always a handy for accumulating traffic for any website. No matter what kind of business you run, driving traffic is the cornerstone of obtaining Your product or services will be far easier to sell when you build relationship with your customers. Email marketing campaign assists in developing bonding with customers whether new or existing ones.

CAN-SPAM Act and What it Means For You

When I was in school I spent the weekend with a group of friends eating canned spam and drinking beer. Now that I am all grown up and an online business entrepreneur CAN-SPAM means something completely different to me. The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act is the governing law that oversees online marketing.

How to Get More Sales Online by Boosting Your Email Marketing Campaigns

How many of you have heard of the saying, “the money is in the list”? Well, it is a simple saying. Building a list will not make you easy money. You need to apply the following techniques and tips so that your subscribers will buy from you and more importantly, to answer your question of how to get more sales online.

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