Generating 7+ Figures in Revenue Selling Cat Backpacks with Emily Miethner

Emily is the Co-Founder of Your Cat Back Pack, which she started with her husband in 2017 and they have more than doubled revenue each year, doing 7+ figures in revenue in 2020 alone.

They also do digital / ecommerce marketing for a small number of other 7-figure brands, some of which they have equity in (so it’s a cool model!).

In this episode we talk about what Emily believes has contributed to the success of their Ecommerce Brand.

Emily also shares what it’s been like to work with her husband, how she finds and works with clients on the agency side, and their experience of opening their own warehouse.

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7 Tips to Attract More Opt-Ins Than Ever Before

Whether you’re promoting your new eBook, selling software, or conducting any other type of online business, at some point you are going to have to learn about opt in email. Here are 7 simple tips that can help you attract more opt ins than ever before.

Two Marketing Tips That You Wish You Knew Yesterday

These email marketing tips will guide you to having better results in your email Campaign. By better results I mean you will finally be able to experience open rates of 15% – 20%.

How to Start Email Marketing and 2 Tips

Email marketing is a form of direct online marketing using email which it is a direct and effective way of marketing. Usually it begins as follows:

The “Call to Action” Is The Most Important Message In Your Email

Well, the whole purpose of a “Call to Action” is to tell your readers exactly what you want them specifically to do NEXT after they have read your email. You should never assume that they already know what to do and you should never assume that they can decide to visit your webpage all on their own or you will never sell…

How To Turn Your Most Important Asset: The Opt-In Offer

Capturing contact information is fundamental to your success of your online business. As web marketer, your primary goal, at the very least, should be capturing your web visitors’ email addresses…

Five Tips for Better Email Marketing, Part 1

Around 247 billion email messages were sent in 2009. That’s a lot of competition for your audience’s attention. Here are five email tips to help you get and keep their attention and improve your results.

Mass Email Marketing Done The Right Way

An effective mass email marketing campaign is one which is targeted at the right niche group which will be interested and may or my not purchase your product or service. As they say “The Money is in The List”. The internet is an excellent and cost effective tool for targeting huge numbers of prospects and leads to your business.

HTML Email Marketing Made Easy With Online Tools

Designing great looking HTML Emails and managing a growing list of email prospects used to be a difficult thing for small business owners. Today though, thanks to web based services specifically designed to make email marketing easier for small businesses, anyone can create stunning email templates in minutes, and mange their email lists effortlessly.

7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Having a list is the best part of internet marketing. “Cash on demand”, “The money is in the list” – that’s how marketers call it. However even if you are a email marketing genius you can still make mistakes. So here is what NOT TO DO and how to avoid the common mistakes when sending a email blast or newsletter.

Specialized Service for Families Email Marketing Strategy

As a small home based day care center, you provide child care services during the day time hours for kids of working neighbors, family and friends. You have a great reputation and are passionate about the quality of the environment you offer for the children.

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