From Successful Real Estate Investor to 7-Figure DTC Brand Owner with Joshua Ellis

I’ve sincerely loved all the episodes I’ve done so far, but this was one of the most interesting and unique episodes yet.

Joshua is the Founder & CEO of Withco, fresh ingredient cocktail mixers meant to be shared “with company.”

I loved Joshua’s personal story, charisma, and overall energy.

We dive into his personal story, how he believes consumer behavior has changed through the pandemic, and so much more.

You can follow Joshua on Instagram here:

Email Marketing – Email Design

The style and wording you use for a marketing email is extremely important. Most people think that strong graphics, highlighting, bolding and the use of capital letters within the body of the email will create that maximum impact on the recipient.

Email Selling Tips – 3 Personal Power Tips To Make More Money Through Email Marketing

Here are some of my own personal email selling tips that I really think will benefit you. Email marketing is all about how much money you can make per lead and then getting as many of those leads as possible. These tips should help you on both of those counts.

3 Email Marketing Tips To Help You Leverage More Dollars For Your Small Efforts

The right email marketing tips can make all the difference. You could have a list of several thousand and be making nothing or you could have a list of 100 people hungry for a solution to their problem and make hundreds of dollars per month. In this article, I’ll share with you 3 of my own personal tips that I use to successfully help me make my living from internet marketing.

4 Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media to Your Advantage

Current trends show that the integration of email marketing and social media is set to become a standard best practice in the following years with new apps being created to further ease the integration process. Start now with a campaign strategy that incorporates both mediums and you can potentially find yourself at the head of your game as this practice gains increasing popularity.

Make Money Online – The Email Marketing Points To Make Money Online Immediately

Utilising the great resource of email marketing is absolutely the best way to make money online. Assuming, of course you have a great website and are able to attract visitors to your website. It’s no secret that the secret to make money online is in the list, but it’s the email marketing methods that some website marketers employ that really concerns me.

How to Create an Outstanding Email Welcome Series

Email marketing and subscriber list management have gone through changes over the last year. To achieve the best results from your email marketing campaign this year, you must change the strategies to match the interest and attitude of the people within the list. The changes must be evident from the start of communications beginning with the welcome mails in your series.

Email Campaign Design Tips to Get Your Email Read!

Email campaigns such as postcard type emails, newsletters and special message emails are fast and efficient ways of getting your message to a very targeted group of people. They can work wonders to boost traffic to your website and really help you generate business. Knowing your audience is one important aspect of an email campaign, but the design of your email is also key in gaining readers, promoting click throughs and generating business. Here are some email campaign design tips to help your emails get read.

List Building and Email Marketing – Why You’re Dumb If You’re Not Working on List Building

You’ll be surprised by the amount of clients that you can amass in a short period of time through list building. It is a simple and great way to get and retain hungry buyers.

The Directory Of Ezines Site Review

First of all, what is the Directory Of Ezines? The Directory Of Ezines is the best source for advertising and article marketing with ezines. It is owned by Charlie Page an e-mail marketing specialist. This site offers a “time sensitive” one time fee lifetime membership which is super awesome. I will be reviewing this site in this article, seems how that I am a lifetime member of the. So let’s get started shall we? Below I will discuss and critique the different tabs and pages of the site.

Two Effective Techniques for Increasing Your Email Open Rates

When you are trying to build a relationship with your list through email marketing, it is important that you get a large percentage of them to actually read your messages. You can accomplish this by using specific techniques to create attention-grabbing headlines that…

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