From Running a Traditional Marketing Agency to a Partnered Service Offering

Sam shares with us his learnings from running a traditional marketing agency to a partnered service offering.

He drops some serious dimes so be sure to give this a listen.

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Email Marketing Tips – How to Create Email Marketing Campaigns That Flat Out Work!

Email marketing is an effective vehicle for highlighting your service or product to your prospective customers. Every email marketing process is governed by a strategy and not all strategies are expected to be a roaring success…

E-Mail Marketing Statistics Are Important

You may think you are enjoying a successful e-mail campaign by virtue of the sales increase to your business. You may on occasion check your website stats to see how many incoming visitors arrived courtesy of an e-mail you had sent. While such stats may speak well of your website traffic and the products and services you offer, complete results of your e-mail campaigns cannot be tallied unless you have all the information. This is why it is important to have statistics for your e-mail sends.

Email Marketing – Deciding If Email Marketing is Suitable For Your Business Or Not

Email marketing is not complicated at all however you have to think carefully if it will benefit your business or not. The reason I point this out is that you need to consider certain very important factors. You need to decide earlier on if email marketing will be good for your business or not. The good news is that it often will.

Top 5 Incredible Ways to Get Your Opt-In Subscriber’s Trust Instantly

Trust from your subscriber is a critical part in your email marketing campaign. I would say trust is equal to sale. If you don’t acquire your subscribers trust, you will make any sale. People will think you just a spammer who don’t know anything about what they need.

Email Signatures Are a Must For Success

Email signatures are very common these days and it contains small piece of information that can be attached to the finishing line of a message, an email. The information contained in email signatures are mostly name of the individual along with his contact details; however, you might as well choose to write anything you feel like.

Using Email Marketing to Explode Your Network

The first most important thing is collecting leads, most often through a opt-in form or squeeze page. These are your potential cash cows. Email Marketing is not just sending information and updates.

Elements to Consider When Choosing an Email Marketing Program

As most Internet marketers know, email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build and expand your online business. No matter what type of business you happen to be involved in, marketing through email can help you to build a strong customer base, establish your brand, and promote your products. However, using the wrong program for this can be quite counterproductive.

Are Your Chestnuts Roasting O’er a Burned Mailing List?

Times are tough right now, or at least they are if you listen to the talking heads in the media sell it. All the panic and pandemonium that ensued from the horror stories pandered this autumn have driven marketers into a frenzied mode of behavior as they run and dodge mythical pieces of falling sky.

How Email Marketing Works

I was sitting at dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. He said to me, “Tell me what it is that you do again.”

3 Easy Tips to Master Your Targeted Bulk Email Marketing

Online marketing by email is, as the name suggests, the use of email in marketing and spreading your word about your services or products. It simply works like; you, as the owner of an online business, has to send emails on a regular basis to your opt email list. The questions are: What is an opt email list and what do you have to send? Go on reading to find answers to your questions.

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