From Professional Athlete To Managing Partner of a 175 Person Holding Company

Taylor Holiday is the Founder of Common Thread Collective, an Online Sales Agency.

Their mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and they do this by focusing on helping consumer product e-commerce businesses scale from 0 – $20M.

In this episode we talk about how Taylor went from playing a professional sport to starting an agency, and now holding company with 175 employees.

Taylor talks about the things that have allowed him to succeed, his emphasis on finding great people & building strong teams, how they acquire & retain clients, and so much more!

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Email Direct Marketing Tool – 3 Tips To Help You Succeed

Email direct marketing is still one of the most powerful tools to increase your traffic and your profits. Email can be a first contact and than a venue to build relationships. With today’s technological advances with the Internet and all the new tools that are available today you have to be able to stay on top of the market. What you want to do is to stay out of the junk mailbox or unread mail folder. With an email direct marketing tool you will be able to target your specific market for maximum results.

Deal Spammers a Death Blow With Free Reversal Email Lookup Engines

Today just about everyone has an email address and they are just as personal as giving out one’s phone number. Individuals guard their email addresses intensely despising even the thought of it falling into the hands of spammers. In fact so protective have we become of our privacy with respect to email that anti-spam laws have been passed to protect users against unscrupulous use of email addresses. But what should you do if you repeatedly receive strange messages in your inbox and you are unable to ascertain the messages point of origin? Our first instinct would be to add the email address to our junk mail list and using the filter provided by our email host hopefully weed out those emails in the future. However this does not always work.

Implementing Email Opt-In Lists to Optimize Your Internet Marketing Success

In order to make a success of your website or online business, it is obvious that you will need to build email opt in lists. to do that you will need visitors to your site. Although everyone who visits your web page may not sign up to your list, they must have some interest in your product or service to bring them there to start with.

Wholesale Catering Email Marketing Strategy

Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes but they are no different to other businesses. Create regular, loyal customers who keep coming back and act as ambassadors for your business, and you’ll increase your bottom line.

Email Marketing Tips – Getting More Sign Ups to Your Mailing List

One of the most difficult talks to creating a email list is getting new people to sign on. In this article we will examine three different email marketing tips to boost your sign up rate the easy way. You’ll get more people opting in to your list if you request just the right amount of information when people fill out your subscriber form.

Designing Email Based Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, no company can afford to ignore the importance of email marketing. When handled smartly, it can result in huge profits and if not, it can turn out to be pretty dangerous as well. While designing email based marketing campaign, it is very important to set an optimum frequency of sending mails, hard hitting content which is relevant for the receiver of the email.

Email Marketing – Why Is It Efficient?

Email marketing is an important part of marketing campaign of every company. However, it can prove to be a double edged sword and if not handled properly, can result in plenty of discomfort as well. There are few aspects of emails that need to be taken care of; their frequency, content and their relevance.

E-Newsletter for Your Company

Online newsletters are used for multiple reasons and in multiple ways. They are used to generate new leads and increase sales to existing customers. Read on and find out how it can benefit your company.

Find a Referral Email Strategy That Will Work

There are a wide variety of marketing tools available today but the most affordable is going to be satisfied customers. If you are an online business that conducts all business through the internet then you have probably adopted an referral email system. However there are many of these email systems that simply do not work because people discredit them thinking that they are just junk mail emails.

How to Automate Incoming Email Processing

Every email marketer receives a lot of emails. Whether they are transaction confirmation emails, tickets, requests for discounts, email forms, unsubscribe emails, bounces, all of them need to be processed. Processing incoming emails manually can be very challenging.

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