From Agency Owner To Thriving Ecommerce Community Entrepreneur With Austin Brawner

Austin is the Founder of Brand Growth Experts, where he helps ecommerce entrepreneurs, marketers, and freelancers unlock massive growth in their businesses while freeing up more time to do what they love.

In this episode we talk about how to get your Ecommerce Business from 6 to 8 figures.

We also talk about tools Austin can’t live without, the biggest need for an app/tech for brands he works with, when and where it makes sense to leverage an agency vs. hire internally, and so much more!

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Top 5 Benefits For Email Marketing

Creating an email marketing message is almost as simple as writing an email. Email marketing is 20 times more cost effective than direct mail. Email and e-newsletter marketing are the second-most effective tools for generating conversions according to…

Email Marketing: A Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is touted as the king of all affordable methods in all Internet marketing techniques, labelled as the killer solution that accomplishes online marketing endeavors with minimal cost. The reason is that notwithstanding newer forms of advertising, email remains as the most widely used (and the most reliable) method of bringing traffic to Websites. Email is also utilized to get in touch with prospects, to make special offers, or to send out invitations.

Email Marketing – Where Did You Go Wrong?

Obviously, you have to follow up with your prospects who have opt-in and who have given you their name and email address. After all, with your lists of database of prospects and paid customers, you will be able to build a better relationship with them and get them to buy again and again in the future when you launch your new products and services. You can follow up with your correspondence and engagement with those who have yet to buy from you by constantly and regularly supplying them with useful information and update on your product and…

Is Your Squeeze Page A Bore?

Is your squeeze page becoming a bore fill with just plain text? Adding video to your squeeze page is a productive way to add more interactivity with your visitors. Adding video help to build a more personal bondage and exclusivity on your page and it makes your potential subscribers very easy to trust you.

What You Want To Achieve Of Your Product

The purpose of building a list of opt-in subscribers is to eventually sell your product or service to them. After all the marketing campaign and traffic generations effort, is your product or service up to the standard as expected of by your customers? Even if you have a best product in the world but do you know what is purpose of your product that you want to achieve?

Email Marketing – How To Create Your Opt-In Page

An opt-in page is a simple page where your audience can leave you their contact details like name and email address details so you can keep in touch with them immediately and or at your predetermined timing sequence if you are using an auto-responder. I am assuming you are using a ‘HTML’ editor to learn the process of how to get an opt-in page done up. I am using a free ‘NVU’ software where you can easily download from its website, so if there are differences, you will have to consult your own software’s user manual for more details….

Email Marketing: Is This The Problem You Are Facing?

You do not use targeted keyword or phrase If your email message does not align with the search word or phrases people are using to search for your website or sales page, you are missing the significance. For example if you have laptop product named MyPad a perceived competitive edge, your perfect product, your dream project and you even have a domain name after your product MyPad.

Do You Have A Compelling Reason For Your Visitor To Opt-In?

Email Marketing: Do You Have A Compelling Reason For Your Visitor To Opt-In? “Squeeze Page” or “Landing Page” as it better known is created to function as the “Sales Page” but it has its purpose. The sole purpose of the squeeze page is not designed to get your prospects who has landed on your page to immediately buy from you.

Email Marketing: Let No One Steal Your Goldmine

Email Marketing: Let No One Steal Your Goldmine In email marketing, your list is your most valuable virtual assets. Ensure that you are effectively doing whatever is necessary to capture your visitor details. As your daily work to build traffic begin to bring results and your website benefits from the arrival of more and more visitor, do not let them off easily without leaving behind their name and email address.

Email Marketing – Are You Attracting The Right Visitors?

In online business, marketing your product and service is more important than having your sales page or website right. Arguably, the importance of getting your product right is lesser than the marketing itself. Therefore, it is essential that you draw up an effective marketing campaign and keep following up on it constantly.

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