Episode 1 of my new series w/Stephanie Bregman

I’m excited to share this new series I’ve started.

I’m interviewing marketers that work in-house for brands (as opposed to agencies or freelancers).

For our first episode, we have Stephanie Bregman who is the CMO of Manly Bands.

You can connect with Stephanie on Linkedin. Here’s her profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanieshapirobregman/

P.S. Stephanie made a discount code for 20% off if anyone is interested. Use code CHASE20 at checkout for 20% off (code is good through the end of August 2020). Here’s their website: https://manlybands.com/

P.P.S. I was originally planning on turning this new series into a podcast. As such, that’s why Stephanie isn’t on video. Totally my fault. Last minute I decided against making this a podcast and decided I will upload these all to YouTube. Future guests will be on camera.

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