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Email Marketing – Grab Your Readers’ Attention With an Enticing Email Subject Line

The biggest challenge you have in email marketing is to get your reader to open up your email message, and that can only happen when you have an attention getting, enticing subject line that subliminally says, “Open me. Open me.” The author gives you some solid ideas on how to make your email subject line so powerful that your reader will want to open up your email marketing message.

Why an Email Marketing List is Essential

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about setting up a business on the internet, or maybe you’ve been considering promoting or increasing the online presence of an existing traditional company. If you have, then a phrase you will hear frequently in online marketing is, ‘The Money is in the List.’

What’s the Right Day to Email?

There has been a lot of study and debate about the best day to send marketing emails in recent years. I’ve weighed and synthesized a lot of it and I can unequivocally say that the answer is: It depends. Here is what the experts have said.

Business to Business Email Marketing

Email marketing is getting a head of steam as the preferred way to get your message out to your customers. It is cost effective and delivers excellent results.

How to Use Email Marketing For Personal Trainers

Email marketing for personal trainers is a great way to directly reach your target audience. In comparison to other more traditional forms of marketing on paper, you have the ability to be in contact with the recipient of your mail in a matter of minutes.

Email Marketing Tips and Etiquette

There are a number of things that can go wrong when attempting to use email as a strategic marketing tool for promoting yourself or your business. I can’t even begin to count the number of trashy, repetitive, useless nonsense I’ve received via email – sometimes from nationally known brands.

The 5th C of Email Management – Continuance

Do you want raving fans! People whose needs are so well matched to your products and services that they want everything you produce.

The 4th C of Email Management – Conversion

You will need to be effective at conversion everywhere along the line if you want to move people up your pyramid of profitability. You can accomplish this using your autoresponder and integrated systems.

The Third C of Email Management – Community Building

Many people look for a community-minded spirit on the internet. You can use your autoresponder systems to help to create a community for your prospects and customers.

Email Marketing – Online Business Necessities

When you bring your business online, you need to make sure that you adapt your business model to the very different demands of online businesses. Marketing and generally making your business “visible” in the online world is vastly different than getting it visible in the offline one. Perhaps one of the most useful online marketing tools available for you is email marketing. Email marketing is simply marketing your company through the use of email networking. Almost all highly successful online businesses use some sort of email marketing. Email marketing has a lot of advantages for an online business.

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