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Email Marketing is Not Spam

When many people think of the term email marketing they often shiver at the thought of using this marketing technique. They begin to think of how their own email’s inbox fills up with unnecessary emails within mere hours each day. However, I am here to tell you that this is not email marketing done properly, it is just spam.

Email Marketing – Tailoring Your Emails to the Readers

There are several marketing methods that you can use. Within this, I am certainly not going to tell you to that you should not explore what other marketing methods out there. However, my goal is to encourage you to try email marketing if you think it is a possibility for your ecommerce website.

Developing an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is an excellent tool for growing your customer base, growing your brand and growing your sales. But just like any tool, it’s most effective when it’s used within a plan.

Email Marketing – Generating Leads

So now that you have the basic concept of what email marketing is, you probably want to know where to send these emails to. The typical person that you would want to send your email to would be someone who could also be referred to as a lead. So what exactly is a lead?

Email Marketing Triggers

When most people send out an email, whether it is to a huge list or to a single person, each recipient almost always looks at it as an initial means of creating a conversation. Since this is the case, in email marketing you have to expect to get a huge amount of emails back if you have several responsive subscribers and a good amount of emails on your list. The problem is that there may be just too many to respond to manually.

Email Marketing Split Testing

If you have read very many good email marketing articles, you probably have read countless times to continue to analyze the performance of your emails that you are sending out. There are so many variations when it comes to what works and what is not working. At the same time, any email marketer with their salt will tell you never to spam your list.

Email Marketing Software Selection – The Open Rate

Choosing the right email marketing software is not the easiest process. I am not going to sit here and tell you exactly which one to choose because there are many that have features that bloat them by my standards, but you may find them useful. So, I am simply going to give you one of the features that I think any email marketing software should have as a standard feature.

How to Generate Leads Online For Your Business

It is more effective to generate leads online first rather than selling direct on your website. This is especially important if you are selling services, high ticket products, insurance, nutrition products, etc. You can use the internet to generate leads and then convert them to customers. Build a website with information on your services or products and put a form on your website to collect your visitors’ contact information. Then start driving traffic to your website. This is how you generate leads online.

How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign That Works

You’ve built your website / blog – great! You’ve added a ‘free marketing signup’ giveaway product to your site… in return for the visitors email address. You are keen to build a large email marketing list. So you’re ready to implement your email marketing campaign… you can’t wait to sell, sell, sell…

Email Marketing – Make Money Doing It

The internet has opened new avenues for getting income. Almost anyone who has a computer connected to the internet can generate income from the internet through different methods.

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