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HTML Email and Newsletter Templates – Three Differences

Thinking of changing from plain text to HTML? Here are some tips to help you decide.

How to Personalize Your Free Email Templates

Using free HTML email templates? Here are some ways to personalize them to fit your business.

How to Improve Your HTML Email Template

Having trouble with your HTML templates. Here are some tips to help you vastly improve your templates.

Using E-Mail Newsletters For Free Advertising

When sending newsletters, be sure that the receiver will actually get some incentives for them to stay in your list. Now, you don’t need to give free away gifts, discounts, or coupons every time you send out letters; your content itself can be a good alternative. Remember the following points to create a successful newsletter.

Getting Started With Affiliate Email Marketing – An Absolute Must-Read For All Beginners

Before you can be successful in email marketing whereby you will be sending mail to hundreds or even thousands of contacts on your list, you will need to be putting some effort into it. This article will get beginners acquainted with affiliate email marketing. Email marketing is predominantly revolved around the contacts in your list and as a result, you will need to focus on building this list first.

Email List Management Software – An Essential When Running an Online Business

You cannot do without email list management application if you run an online business or a marketing company. Let’s have a look at how to choose the best email management application and what features to look at.

Email Marketing Management – It Can Be Carried Out Without Much Hassle?

The business world is rapidly expanding. Profits, losses, share of market, share of wallet, these are the terms making the news. No matter where they’re based, companies are fighting for survival. Failure isn’t always due to lack of resources though, with poor management sinking several ships.

Email Marketing Misconceptions

There are conflicts and confusions among marketers and business owners about the effectiveness of email marketing. It may be extremely profitable for some types of businesses but not so much for others. There are some misconceptions about this type of marketing which one needs to get over since this is a very effective form of direct marketing.

Testing in Email Marketing Campaign

It is not certain what kind of subject line, design and offers would attract customers to buy your products and services. Testing is a key phase where you can judge the need for changes that would bring good results for your email marketing campaign.

Segmentation in Email Marketing

Segmentation is an added advantage of email marketing but it is not being used widely. Marketers can focus on certain group of email addresses by properly segmenting their database. It can also provide complete report that in which areas your product is getting good business and where it isn’t.

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