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VA Toolbox – Email Marketing Services and Confirmed Opt-In (aka Double Opt-In)

Have you ever wondered what “double opt-in” or “COI” means? Read on to find out what it is and its pros and cons.

Email Listing For Leads and Traffic

The principal method to provide response to the recession is through the most effective methods in the network marketing avenue. There is no doubt that there are countless strategies available to acquire an audience who will receive your email newsletters and read them as they would listen to you like a network market professional.

The Different Kinds of Email Marketing Solutions You Must Learn

With the three types of email marketing, businesses have an organized way of communicating the right message content to their customers and prospect persons. There are three types of email marketing solutions are available for use: Direct Email, Retention Email, Co-Advertising Emails.

How You Can Use Email Lists to Boost Your Sales

Many of the best email list companies send their sales material to their mailing list many times a year – sometimes even as high as fifty times a year. They keep going back to the customers that have bought from them and make offers for additional related products and services. How you can use mailing lists to boost your sales is always a key idea.

The Benefits of Building a Relationship With Your Mailing List

When building a mailing list many people forget the benefits of building a relationship with their list and how effective it will be in the success they will be able to achieve in their business. A lot of people have the common knowledge of creating hard selling e-mails to send to their mailing list but there is actually a better way to go about it.

6 Email Marketing Tips That Build Trust & Increase Sales

Having an opt-in email list is more than just sending subscribers your newsletters, tips, promotions and sales letters; it’s about establishing a positive relationship with your readers. People rarely buy from those they don’t trust but by fostering fond relationships with your subscribers you’re increasing their confidence in you which in turn will dramatically increase sales.

Questions to Ask Before Starting an Email Marketing Campaign

If there is a list of questions to ask before starting an email marketing campaign, what are they? What do you really need to be able to create a successful email marketing campaign? In this article, you are going to discover 3 specific, goal oriented action questions you need to ask just before you begin on your email campaign.

Are There Any Autoresponders With Capture Page Included?

Are there any autoresponder services that include a capture page? What is the most important thing in a lead capture page and what is the best way to create one? You’ll discover the exact answers to those questions in this article. Let’s dive right in.

How Can You Take Advantage of Email Marketing With Your Business?

While there are a number of different facets you need to focus on with your online business in order to succeed, few compare to the importance of marketing. One of the many ways you can go about promoting your business is through email marketing.

Challenges in Today’s Email Marketing – Create Relevant Campaigns That Make it to the Inbox

A single email can make or break a valuable customer relationship. So why are 89 % of today’s marketers still sending low-value, one-off broadcast email campaigns?

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