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“But My E-mail is Not Spam!” E-marketing Strategies to Improve Your Response Rates

I recently reviewed an e-mail campaign for a client who owns a job placement agency. He had planned to send an e-promotion to businesses that may need temporary personnel. His campaign consisted of an e-mail that introduced his business and an attached coupon for first-time clients.

Know How to Email Market the Right Way For Success

If you’re ready to start your email marketing campaign, there are some great tips to consider before you push the send button to your recipients. Make sure you target your emails to the right person.

How to Make Your Email Marketing Stand Out Head and Shoulders From the Crowd

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of email marketing questions from people. And today I figured I’d jump on my high horse and gallop on over to the computer to answer a few of them. Ready?

Email Marketing – Can You Do it Yourself?

Email Marketing – What is it and do we really need outside services to provide it for us? Simply put: Email Marketing is a means of obtaining the email addresses from potential customers (using opt-in boxes). Then, using those addresses to inform those potential customers of what you’re offering through newsletters or other means. So, you get email addresses and use them to promote your services or products. Do you actually need an outside service to do this for you? Well, that depends.

How to Write Powerful Email Subject Lines That Grab Your Reader and Don’t Let Go!

Tick! Tick! Tick! Three seconds…That’s all you have to capture the attention of someone reading your email! Give me 5 minutes and I will reveal three powerful techniques for creating attention-grabbing email subject lines that hang on to your prospect and Don’t Let Go!

Email Marketing – When is the Best Time For Your Email Schedule?

Though email marketing is an effective method in marketing your business website, it should still be done in the proper manner of time or schedule if you want to earn more profits. Most marketers today usually have the common belief that the more mailings done to their list means more sales and money for them.

Email Marketing – What You Must Do Before Writing a $1000 Email Marketing Promotion

Writing a $1000 email marketing promotion doesn’t have to be a “mind-boggling” feat. It’s really quite simple and only takes a few minutes to do. It all starts with something you must do BEFORE even writing it.

Buying Email Marketing Lists – Do I Or Do I Not?

Since you are considering to buy email marketing lists, it is safe to say that you are promoting some kind of MLM, program or affiliate product. A lot of people buy email marketing lists to sell their products, build lists, or generate leads. Many people succumb to the pitfall of ‘buying’ email marketing lists. Don’t make the same mistake.

Email Campaign – Buy Or Rent an Email List

Selling products or services through email campaigns is a popular way to gain a sudden surge of cash in your affiliate accounts. Its popular because they work. The only thing they require, is a massive email list that can be contacted at a moments notice. This is very hard to attain and takes most people months or even years to build a formidable email list. With this in mind, is there a quick and easy solution to this, one that can be done instantly… for a price? Yes.

How Using Videos in Email Can Increase Conversions

Many online marketers nowadays advocate and encourage the use of video on their websites, including on sales pages. But how about including video in emails? Is it possible? And is it effective?

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