Email Marketing: Ways to Sell Mid Ticket Offers | Sean Anthony Presents the PEC Method

In today’s interview, Sean Anthony shares how he’s done 6 figures in info product sales in the last year through email marketing and what he’s coined the PEC Method.

The PEC Method is an extremely interesting way to sell mid ticket offers.

The conversion rate Sean talks about and shows from his low ticket to mid ticket to high ticket offer is wild.

He covers:
– What the PEC method is
– Why you’d want to use the PEC method
– His actual results over the last 12 months using the PEC method
– The PEC Funnel
– How to create and sell your PEC
– And so much more!

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Challenges to the Email Subject Line Use

The subject line is one of the most important part of a mail. This is the part where the reader sees first hand. So you should pay attention while creating the subject line. The style, length and topic of the subject line should be selected carefully.

Creating a Chain of Customers With Email

Now a day’s email marketing is widely used because they are very cost effective and will attract many people. For instance, we can see many websites that uses an email newsletter. The newsletters will give all the information about the website to the customer and keep them updated with your products and services. If the recipient finds the newsletter useful then he will send it to his or her friends which thereby increase your network.

10 Quick Tricks to Get Your Prospects to Read Your Emails and Purchase Your Products

The secret to gaining the attention you want online is creating advertisements that stir your prospect buyer right into action. Not a lot of online business owners are aware that the subject line of a sales letter alone is enough to make or break the deal. If you want to get your potential customer to keep reading your email and to actually consider buying your product or services, you will need to just know to stir their interest and keep it going:

Continuous Earnings With Your Power List

For all businesses that are available on the web, creating a power list of people that patronizes your products and services is crucial to attain success. To do this, one approach that you can take is by providing your customers with a product that may solve a huge number of their needs for a reasonable price.

The Unlimited Capability of Autoresponders

Most online marketers use autoresponders to automatically respond to emails sent to them by there clients and nothing else. This is the case because online marketers think that autoresponders only work this way. In contrast to what they know, there are a lot of other ways that you can use an autoresponder and each of these ways can be of great help to your online business promotion.

Mail Nuisance

The internet has been a great provider in our fast paced life. It’s a platform where one can communicate with another person regardless of their status quo. And for some, it is a great way to express whatever is going through their minds. Aside from this, it’s also a popular tool to reunite old friends and rekindle relationships. But how would you feel spending your time going through mails that doesn’t concern you at all?

Using Email in Creating Customer Pool

Nowadays, an innovative method that you can use in creating your customer pool is via email marketing. Email marketing is an efficient and cost-effective means to increase customer returns that is also trouble-free and can contact a wider range of market.

How to Design Effective Direct Mails

One of the most esteemed advertising systems is through direct mail, a development from textual magazine advertisements. Direct mail is very effective in all aspects of advertising such as branding, acquisition and retention.

Please Read Your Email

How do you convince a person to read your mail? Even with different message innovation, online marketers still face the same question when sending emails to their recipients.

Tips in Creating an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

Creating a direct mail campaign is an effective way to lure the customers new and old alike. However, some online retailers find it a little complicated. However, a bit of hard work commitment and familiarization with the system can do the work.

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